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Arrow Financial Services was once a major player in buying up bad debts like charged off credit card bills. One of the more aggressive ways Arrow sought to collect on old unpaid credit card debts was to use the courts.

Debt buyers like AFS send some of the debts they buy up on the cheap to an attorney debt collection law firm. Arrow and other bad debt investors rely on the fact that 90% or so of people are not sure about how to deal with a debt collection lawsuit.

People get served a summons and complaint on an unpaid credit card bill and tend to put their head in the sand. What winds up happening when the lawsuit gets ignored, or where a person was not aware they were being sued (it happens), is a default judgment is entered. Those judgments can then be collected on, or even sold off to another debt buyer.

Arrow Financial Services closed up shop. Where did all the debt go?

In just the last week I have gotten a couple of questions on and off line about how to find where Arrow Financial Services judgment debt has gone. In all cases the requests were related to:

  1. Someone trying to qualify for a mortgage and underwriting suggests they cannot approve a new loan, or the approval on a new loan will have an increased likelihood of success by settling old judgment debt.
  2. Someone trying to sell a home and satisfy or settle the judgment debt in order to pass clear title. Even if the home owner is trying for a short sale.

It is difficult to find much public information about who purchased the Arrow portfolio, or portions of it. According to a person I spoke with last week, they have a former arrow judgment account that they tracked to LVNV now owning.

LVNV is a large debt collection agency.

LVNV is part of the Resurgent Capital Management and Sherman Acquisitions brand. I was able to confirm that Resurgent/Sherman/LVNV brand did pick up a “good portion” of the Arrow Financial Services debt portfolio.

If you are looking for how to resolve or settle Arrow Financial Services debts, start by reaching out to LVNV. You can reach them by calling their customer service at: 888-665-0374.

If you have any questions or concerns about resolving an old Arrow Financial Services debt with LVNV, or another debt collector, or having trouble finding who has your debt, post questions and comments in the comments below for feedback.

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  1. Carolyn says

    If Arrow Financial Services is no longer then why am I still paying on a debt to them through Apothaker & Associates? I have been sending a payment to Apothaker & Associates for over two years now for a debt that they claim was for Arrow Financial Services. On several occasion I have asked for a statement of payments made and balance due from Apothaker have been ignored. What can I do to get a statement from these people and find out if there still is a debt to pay?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Carolyn – Arrow Financial would have place the account with Apothaker for collection before they closed up. Were you sued for the debt with Arrow Financial followed by setting up payment arrangements with Apothaker? If so, this may provide an opportunity to get some accountability.

      If not sued, how did the collection and payment arrangement occur? Is there anything documented with what you set up?

      If you can answer these questions in a comment reply I will have more feedback.

      • steve seaton says

        Hi Michael,

        I have a question, I am being taken to court next week for a Debt to Arrow Financial Services.

        If the attorney purchased the debt, wouldn’t my hearing paperwork still read”

        Arrow Financial Services, LLC


        Steve (me)

        I would think that when someone else bought the name that there would have been a change in tittle for who I am being sued by. I feel like I am being duped now and being sued by a Lawyer “representing” a company that has gone out of business.

        Thanks for you help!

        • Michael Bovee says

          Steve – Is this a lawsuit being commenced from scratch, or are you being taken to court on an existing judgment? What is the name of the law firm taking you to court?

          Judgment debts do get sold. I have confirmed other Arrow Financial debt purchasers, so this may be what is happening with your situation.

          • wyatt says

            i have a judgement filed by arrow in 2010 for 1193.00.i have to pay it in order to get a home loan.i am going to pay it and get a judgement satisfied statement from the courthouse but i have no idea where this money is going.

      • chris says

        My account have been frozen by a company named eltmen and cooper ?? on a debt from 1999
        that I paid in full. Any help??

        • Michael Bovee says

          They would need a judgment to do that. Did you pay the judgment in full, or paid your bill way before that, and did not know about any lawsuit?

      • Labrador says

        I paid a settlement to arrow financial years ago
        Now it shows in my credit report as unpaid
        I can not locate the letter that was sent to me
        Docket #cv00609409ny
        How could i get this information?
        Thanks for your help

        • Michael Bovee says

          Call in and talk to Steve, a CRN specialist, at 866-997-4242. He has had good success with helping people resolve some of these old Arrow Financial Service issues.

  2. This makes no sense says

    The IRS sent me a 1099-c staying that I owe Arrow Financial Services on my 2011 taxes i’ve checked my credit reports this company is not listed on any of them nor have I had any dealing wit them I’ve never had a 1099-c sent to me by Arrow Financial Services now the IRS wants me to prove that i dont owe the debt but how can i prove the debt if the company closed and there is no way to get in contact wit them the IRS letter does not even state what type of debt i owe them

    • Michael Bovee says

      Lets take this one step at a time. Did you have credit card, or other revolving consumer debt in the past 10 years, that went into advanced stages of collection?
      I am asking because Arrow Financial was a debt buyer of mostly unsecured debts. If you had an account in their portfolio it would explain the IRS notice.

      If you did have accounts that went a long period of time without payment, what do you remember about them? Who were the accounts with? What were the balances at the time payments were stopped? Were there collection attempts from other collection shops?

      I can provide feedback to help you navigate what could be a rats nest to untangle, or this could be a real simple exercise depending on your answers to my questions.

      Post your answers in a comment reply and lets go from there.

      • kelly says

        I am also with the person that states :it makes no sense dated Jan 8, 2013. Same thing is happening to me the IRS is saying that I had a charge off but doesn’t tell me what. Its from Arrow Financial and I am disputing it. If anything they said I was given 5000.00 last year and added that to my income tax and now they say I owe because I didn’t claim it. I did not receive and extra 5000.00 from this company. What do I do.

        • Michael Bovee says

          Kelly – Follow through with contacting the IRS like TMNS had done. You will need to submit something written similar to what TMNS was instructed to do, and then wait it out.

          This could be a major mistake on the part of Arrow Financial Services, or the 1099c could be the result of an old debt you had that went unpaid that Arrow bought and never collected on. When Arrow closed up and sent 1099c’s on some of their portfolio accounts they could not sell, or at least that is what is evident to me.

          Follow through contacting the IRS. It would be great if you would post updates with what you learn and proceed with along the way. It will help other readers. Many people hit this page and read through it daily. Only a few post comments.

          • Hannah Lacara says

            According to the IRS, the amount I owe, what I thought was for a large debt, was never reported to Arrow and shows up on my credit report still with one of the reporting credit agency. Is there anyway possible of finding out anything of who the creditor was for the amount owed? What are my remedies? Do I just go to the tax court? I do not even know where to begin. Thank you!

            • Michael Bovee says

              Hannah – Can you provide some more detail in a follow up comment?

              Is the IRS coming at you based on a 1099c forgiveness of debt they received from Arrow?
              Did you have a debt that went unpaid that you can compare to the entry from Arrow? Are there any original creditors reporting charge offs on your credit report? If not, do you have any copies of older credit reports you can compare?

              Are you presently scheduled in tax court?

    • Fred Jackson says

      The IRS does not send 1099’s. The 1099 is an IRS form, which someone else sent you, and the IRS. Arrow sent you the form, and it means that Arrow wrote off $1,900. When they did, you had income of $1,900-if you don’t have to pay you “made” money. You have to include the $1,900 in income. You owe tax. Congratulations.

      • Michael Bovee says

        Fred – You appear to have not read all of “This makes no’s” comments on this page. There is pending resolution with the IRS on this Arrow Financial issue.

        I am not sure if you intended “You owe tax. Congratulations” to be sarcastic. It could be read that way. There can indeed be a congratulatory side to paying tax on forgiven debt. I think it is odd that people so often look at owing tax on forgiven debt as something negative. While many people actually do not end up owing tax when they resolve a debt for less than what was owed due to the insolvency rule, those that do owe tax are:

        Free of the debt at a significant savings.
        Able to begin healing their credit score.
        Fortunate to have more assets than liabilities.

        Here is something that should be pointed out, at least about this situation:

        A debt buyer like Arrow Financial Services, LVNV, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Cach LLC, Unifund, and a whole host of others, send out a 1099c… whenever. In the OP’s case, more than 10 years after the debt went unpaid. So many media outlets, commentators, counseling agencies etc., point out that settling debt will lead to paying tax on forgiven debt (failing to mention the insolvency rule more often than not). But as you can see exampled here, people may end up having to consider the tax implications of NOT resolving debts.

        If there is ever a standardized zombie debt jubilee (debt past the SOL in debtors state)… something where the CFPB were to design rule making, or legislation were passed, or even the larger debt buyers were to huddle up and say “lets 1099 debtors directly after SOL expiration en mass” – It would perhaps create a situation where more people attempt to resolve their debts sooner rather than later.

        Maybe people would quit making drive by comments about tax on forgiven debt too.

        I should point out that there are no tax implications to discharged/forgiven debt in bankruptcy.

      • mike says

        Minus payments of course made by the alleged debtor. Funny how the jobbers never put down that you might have paid 75 payments before they got their clammy clutches on them. GE credit accepted a settlement, sold the debt, then reported the whole amount to the IRS. If you report someone you better be damn clean yourself. I got checked for 9 years, every year, and some of those years they owed me money. They can audit me all they want. My returns are clean and that has kept the wolf away. I also saved all the reports for 12 years from the credit bureaus. When I get finished there is going to be much knashing of teeth and many law suits over re-aged accounts and other violations nobody ever called them down on. Good luck

      • Michael Bovee says

        Jill – Can you share some of the particulars so other site readers can gain some perspective on their own situation with Arrow?

  3. This makes no sense says

    Ive never had any credit cards beside the the two i got from capital one 2yrs ago and both are in perfect standing Ive never missed a payment. Ive looked as far back as my credit report from 09 the only thing i had was sally mae which was paid off in spring of 2012 in full and it wasnt in collections ….up until last yr i had very bad credit 528 the last time i had any loan before that was a car repo around 98-99

    • This makes no sense says

      have accounts that went a long period of time without payment?
      non beside the repo
      what do you remember about them?car was auction off it had a balance still owed dont remember how much
      Who were the accounts with? i dont remember
      What were the balances at the time payments were stopped? prob around 3k
      Were there collection attempts from other collection shops? dont remember
      the IRS is asking for around $1900.00

      • Michael Bovee says

        When a car gets repossessed it gets sold at auction for what can often be a fire sale amount. The amount the car sold for at auction is deducted from the amount you owed on the auto loan. More often than not this leaves an amount still owed to the owner of the auto loan. This is referred to as a deficiency balance. Deficiency balances are considered unsecured debt. While I cannot recall any personal experience of negotiating a deficiency balance from a car repo with Arrow Financial, it would not surprise in the least that Arrow purchased portfolios of this type of debt.

        It is best to assume the debt the IRS is referring to is as a result of Arrow buying the deficiency debt. You would then likely be the proud recipient of a small rats nest.

        Forgiven debt is treated as taxable income for the year in which it was forgiven. Here is a brief report on the subject:

        Read the report and see if you have a situation where you can apply the insolvency rule to your 2011 tax year.

        Looking back as far as you can on your credit report would likely involve entries from 2006 or earlier. Negatives stay on your credit report for 7.5 years from the date of last activity (last time you made a car payment). The repo being back in 98-99, the entry in the credit report from Arrow Financial, or any other collector, would have fallen off around 2006.

        Arrow Financial Services sold some of their portfolio of bad debts before closing up. They may have attempted to square the books on debts that were outside the statute of limitations, and that presented no value to another debt buyer, by filing 1099c debt forgiveness on these debts with the IRS. Filing 1099c’s is actually a requirement in many instances related to settling or fully writing off debts.

        • Kasey says

          It’s now 2014 and arrow just called me I don’t remember anything about the credit card I owned I know I had one but that was 6 years ago and never been bothered sence now they made me set up payment orangements what do I do

          • Michael Bovee says

            Kasey – Were you sued on this debt all those years ago?

            Arrow Financial Services is closed. Can you tell me more about who it was that called you and what was said?

  4. This makes no sense says

    i had many credit report pulled by a lender last night everything said paid oldest acct was o7 there were two unpaid acct one was a med bill the other a rent bill. both only total 2k . so is there anyway i can prove i dont owe arrow being that there closed

    • says

      As mentioned, do not get hung up on your credit report and the debt not showing. The repo and the collection entries on your credit report are long gone. The IRS does not care about your credit report. They are most likely reacting to a notice about forgiven debt that they received from Arrow Financial Services. Arrow may have sent it over a year ago, and the IRS is only now flagging it.

      Unless this is a case of a mixed file or something, and assuming the Arrow debt is related to the repossession deficiency balance from all those years back, I am not sure what you would do to prove your debt was not with, or forgiven by Arrow Financial.

      There are limitations on how long a tax can be assessed. I think it is 10 years. Perhaps that is an angle to pursue, but I do not profess to be a tax expert, or to know how a debt the IRS receives a report about being forgiven in 2011 can be associated correctly with an unpaid debt from 13 years ago. I will reach out to a tax pro and see if I can get him to add his thoughts to this comment exchange tomorrow.

      • says

        The IRS has 3 years from the due date of the return or the filing date to assess additional tax on a filed tax return. After you file your tax return (assume on 4/15), the IRS will accumulate the information statements (Forms W-2, 1099, and that includes Forms 1099-C) filed under your SSN. In December of that year, they match the information returns against the items reported on the tax return for accuracy. They also do s second match the following April for those who file on extension or file other more complicated returns. This is call the IRS Automated Underreporter Program or “CP2000″ program- referring to the IRS notice # that is sent proposing additional tax owed.
        You must timely reply to the IRS CP2000 notice either agreeing to the deficiency or contesting the findings (much like an audit- but in this case, it is automated and by mail). If the tax is assessed, the IRS has 10 years to collect on the amount owed. This ten year period can be extended by certain taxpayer actions (an example is filing an Offer in Compromise or a Taxpayer Assistance Order).
        Omitting a Form 1099-C and responding to a CP2000 that the IRS is seeking to assess the additional tax on the omitted cancellation of debt requires you do the following:
        1. Determine the correctness of the Form 1099-C- if it is not correct, ask the issuer to correct it. As you mentioned, the issuer is no longer in buisness. If you are going to contest the Form’s accuracy, you will need to submit a written statement, with supporting documentation, to the IRS with the CP2000 response.
        2. If the Form is correct, determine if there is an exclusion that applies. You can find exclusions on IRS Form 982. The most common exclusion on consumer debt is insolvency- i.e. at the time of the debt forgiveness, your liabilities exceeded your assets. You can exlcude some or all of the debt based on the extent that you are insolvent. If this determination is too complicated to figure (and often it is without an accountant), you may want to ask a tax pro to help you.
        3. Respond to the IRS CP2000 – you can do so by mail or by fax. The phone number is on your notice. Attach supporting documentation, including a corrected return, if you do not agree with the IRS findings on the CP2000. You should also ask for an appeals conference with the IRS in case they do not agree with your position.
        4. The IRS will generally reply back within 8 weeks after you respond. If your reply is accepted they will send you a notice of the new balance owed or a CP2005 that states you owe no additional tax.

        I hope this helps.


        • This makes no sense says

          update contacted a person at the irs i stated my case about about arrow closing they said they would mail arrow a letter requesting info about my acct they informed me that if arrow didnt reply back to there letter in 60 days they would close my case…. So lets cross our fingers

          • Michael Bovee says

            Thanks for the update. It would be great if you posted another update with the result of this. If the IRS gets response from Arrow, there may be a pulse there for others with old Arrow Financial issues to pursue as well.

            • Sydney says

              Any response from the IRS? I called the IRS and they told me to respond in writing, so I faxed my info today. What a “shady” way of doing business. Shame on Arrow financial, perhaps that is why they closed their doors. I thought that businesses have to mail 1099’s by 1/31/ of next year, why are the people held accountable and charged. Thanks I guess I was looking for an answer, did not get one. Hopefully someone will respond with how the IRS settled the late mailed 1099-C’s Arrow mailed. Would solve alot of postings.
              thank you for your response. Sydney

              • Michael Bovee says

                Sydney – I completely agree about the haphazard handling of winding down operations at Arrow Financial Services – for far more than the 1099c issues that are germane to your concerns.

                It would be great if you updated your comment string on this page when you get a response from the IRS. It will help other readers of this page (which there are a lot of – they just do not post comments).

                • Sydney says

                  Hi Michael,
                  Update on Arrow Financial, I talked to an IRS agent yesterday in a lenghty conversation, and he told me to contact Arrow Financial, and if they answer the phone ask them to verify the info on the 1099-C (that i never received) and if they tell you they have no such file, than to request in writing that “No file exists” once received forward that on to the IRS, chances are they will close the “non-existant file”. Hopefully Case closed. Also he told me, to respond to the CP2000 (again) and request the IRS to contact Arrow as I have given permission for the IRS to contact them. i will continue to keep all updated! Best wishes to all!

              • Michael Bovee says

                Whoops! I responded to your comment from the admin panel of the site not realizing you were trying to get “this makes no sense” attention. I do not not if the commenter subscribed to this page to get email updates when comments are posted. I hope he/she does comeback and post an update.

                • This makes no sense says

                  UPDATE the IRS have for gave my debt wit arrow they did not respond the the IRS letter with in 60 days require. So im in the clear thanks for the advice

                  • Michael Bovee says

                    Thanks for posting this update TMNS. I will point to this comment string so that others can learn from your experience.

                    • Michael Bovee says

                      I found an interesting article in Forbes related to 1099c forgiveness of debt, and debt buyers sending them to the IRS many years after charge off/purchase/SOL expiration. The article is not about Arrow Financial Services, but PRA, another large publicly traded debt buyer. See – Consumer wins in tax court on tax treatment of zombie debt. Anyone concerned about 1099c on old Arrow collection debts will want to read through the article and the comments at that link.

          • Hannah says

            I was wondering if TMNS called or wrote the IRS a letter and if a letter was written may I get a copy of it or at least the language that was used in the letter so I may submit one to the IRS before this get way out of hand.

            Thank you!

        • Roxanne says

          Jim, Thank you for that detailed explanation of trying to prove not owing Arrow Financial. I am not a wealthy person and I was depending on my return of $2600 of which $2200 was sent to Arrow Financial. If there not in business who got my money? This was for tax year 2011 on a 1099 I never new about. I bought a car and returned it a month later and it showed on my credit score as a wash. Now I have to somehow come up with proof from the car place which is in Oahu and I can’t even remember the town. The Better Business Bureau has flagged this company because they were submitting documetation that is unsubstaniated, depts that were paid and various other reasons. The IRS should pull all 1099’s from this company and dismiss any claims, especially since they are out of business! I know for a fact that I did not owe as much as they claim but yet I have to fight now to get back my hard earned money that was given to a shady company that was flagged by the
          bbc and out of business! This has caused me such a hardship but I will do what needs to be done to get my money back!!!

  5. David Lawson says

    I had a judgement entered against me in 2009 in favor of Arrow financial through the law firm Hunt & Heneriques. I’m now trying to pay that before my wages are garnished but LVNV is now listing it as a collections account on my credit report. The judgement still says Arrow so i dont know who to pay. I also dont see how this same account can be reported twice

    • Michael Bovee says

      LVNV has confirmed with me their purchase of some of the Arrow Financial portfolio. What you shared means yours was one of the debts they purchased. LVNV can legitimately report a collection trade line on your credit report. Your credit report is getting hammered from several angles on just one account. The original creditor reports the many months late and the charge off. A debt collector buys it and reports it too. You get sued and end up with a judgment on this same account, which often ends up showing on the public records section of your credit report. All of this from ONE ACCOUNT!

      I know this sucks. Here are some things to look for and correct if they are appearing:

      The original creditor sold the debt and should no longer be showing that they are owed an amount on your credit report. They are not owed a penny. They sold the right to the debt. Be sure the original creditor is showing a zero balance due them.

      Arrow Financial Services may have a separate collection trade line (NOT the judgment entry) that is still showing owed them. That is not possible as they are closed and LVNV now has the debt. If Arrow is reporting (again – not the judgment entry – that is a different matter), you can dispute that off.

      The Arrow judgment is a legitimate negative entry. It gets a whole different 7 years of credit reporting shelf life too. That entry is resulting from a court record. It will be there until 2016 based on what you have shared.

      Be sure that the LVNV collection account entry shows a date of last activity similar to the first month your original creditor reported you missing a payment that led to the charge off. All too often collection accounts show up with a different date of last activity that creates a situation where the account shows on your credit report far longer than it should be.

      You should contact the toll free number I put in the post above. That will connect you to LVNV customer service where you can negotiate payment. If you need help settling the debt you can call us for a free consult at: 800-939-8357 ext. 3

      • Michael Bovee says

        David – A quick afterthought – be certain that any arrangement you make to settle the debt be documented and include the fact that a satisfaction of judgment is filed with the court. I have seen a lot of foot dragging on this in the last year or two.

      • Colleen says

        So Michael,

        What you are saying is that even if my original creditor, let’s say Discover Card, charged it off, a company like Arrow can still buy the debt and seek repayment? I had several companies charge off accounts back in 2006. I never received anything from Arrow or any associated company telling me they bought this debt and that I owed them anything. 7 years later I am trying to refi my house and this shows up on my credit report for the first time. Getting the run around from everyone I talk to.

        • Michael Bovee says

          Colleen – That is pretty much the gist of it, yes. Is this an Arrow judgment? If not, what is the date of last payment listed on the Arrow Financial credit report entry?

      • Worried about parents says

        I’ve been reading this thread as a result of doing a search on a case # given me by my father. He’s all upset, he’s just found out about this case filed against him in a neighboring county but he doesn’t seem to know anything about it. Something he saw had “Assessor” or letters that he thought referred to the real estate assessment office, and felt that he had to make a move to preserve his home, and he says, preserve his kids’ inheritance. He is thinking he must add a friend’s name to his land title deeds and that would prevent him being forced out.
        So, I searched for the case number and found multiple filings dating from June 2010, several filings every year and servings made to branches of the bank he does business with, but branches located far away from his branch. Also, this case was filed in two counties, neither of them the county in which he resides. He’s had a lot of health problems this past year, and just before Christmas he had a heart valve replaced. He is really not able to deal with this problem. I told him to chill, it was just a lien that would have to be paid before title could transfer to anyone else, but is there something I can do to put a stop to these multiple filings and garnishments of his wages (he’s currently not working) over the past going on 5 years? They even tried to garnish his SSI. This is looking more and more like elder abuse through harrassment, to me!

  6. Llavona Jolly says

    OMG I just had the same thing happen to me regarding Arrow Financial…what I want to know is how should the judgement show up since is was reported as cancelled debt? will my credit report show 0 balance? if not what should it say and how do I handle getting it to say the correct thing?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Llavona – Can you give me some more details? I am not clear, from what you shared, whether Arrow got a judgment against you in court for a debt, then sent the IRS a 1099c, or whether the judgment debt is one that may now be held by LVNV.

      Tell me more about the circumstances and the original debt from who the creditor originally was, how much owed, when stopped paying, when Arrow got it, when sued etc. That would help me provide the feedback you need from me.

      • Llavona Jolly says

        Good Morning,

        Orginal loan was with Wells Fargo and they sold it to Arrow Financial who in turn took me to court for a judgement 8/2007. On my credit report it shows $9952 but when i looked into public record the final judgement was for a little over $12K back in 2010. I just received a letter from IRS that said that Arrow financial cancelled my debt of $9952 and that they added that amount to my 2011 taxes and now i owe almost $2K. I spoke to the IRS and they told me to send in my response along with the blue book value from 2007 (which i can’t find a blue book value from back then) and they will adjust the amount once i do that. Will my credit report have a 0 balance on the judgement??? ANY information will help THANKS!!!!

          • Michael Bovee says

            Llavona – Your situation is complicated by the judgment for the same Arrow debt. That judgment reporting is a direct result of the court record. The only way to get the court record changed is through the court. The IRS is acting on the notice of forgiven debt from Arrow. But I wonder how they would treat that if they had a copy of the entry of judgment in favor of Arrow that is likely still showing as due and owing, which would make the debt decidedly “not forgiven”.
            Did you discuss the outstanding judgment debt with the IRS? You may want to get a certified copy of the judgement from the court and be prepared to send that to the IRS after speaking with them more about the issue.
            I have not been able to confirm more buyers of portions of Arrow Financials debt portfolio other than LVNV.

  7. chilechique says

    I defaulted on a credit card and the debt, as it shows on my credit report, was bought by Chase Bank. I contacted Chase to try to settle the debt, but they told me it had been sold to Arrow, which they informed me had gone out of business and there was no record of to whom it was sold. I called LVNV and they have no record of a debt. How can I find the collection agency that has my debt? I am desperate to settle this and no one, not even the credit bureau, can help me.

    How can I find out what agency has my debt???

    • Michael Bovee says

      chilechique – You have offered a new wrinkle to the Arrow Financial closure. I have some questions for you to answer in a follow up comment reply, and some feedback you may want to consider.

      Who was the original creditor prior to Chase?
      When did you last make a payment to anyone on the account?

      Your debt may be so old that it was segregated out of any of Arrows portfolio that were sold to different debt buyers.

      Your debt may have been sold to a buyer who is mindful of credit reporting limitations, and who may be one of the companies large enough to fall under direct supervision of the CFPB starting on 1/2/13. This could have given them pause in reporting accounts that meet certain criteria, yours potentially one of them.

      You may want to consider filing a dispute with the credit bureaus about the Arrow Financial entry. Your dispute can be related to a number of different items:

      Date of last activity was much older than being reported.
      The amount being reported as owed is grossly incorrect.
      You do not owe a debt to Arrow Financial.
      The account is not known to you (this would be a stretch for you since Chase told you it was sold to Arrow, but others reading this may be in a situation where this applies).

      Whether there is anyone left at Arrow Financial Services (a skeleton crew), that is tasked with responding to dispute resolution communication from Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion, I cannot say. But if the credit reporting bureaus cannot play the normal game of data ping-pong with the furnisher of information in order to verify that the information being provided is accurate and complete, they would need to delete it.

      • chilechique says

        Thanks for the information.
        The original bank, Providian, went under, I believe in or around 2009. I last paid on the credit card in 2008.
        Arrow does not show on my credit report, but rather a charge off from Chase Bank and it shows a balance of zero. Therefore, I don’t have a dispute with the reporting; it is true.
        I will have to try the credit bureau ping pong game. Sounds like fun.

        • Michael Bovee says

          chilechique – I misunderstood your original post to say that the negative credit reporting was being furnished by Arrow Financial Services. I now understand the situation as:

          Providian absorbed by Chase. Chase later reports your credit card as charged off. Chase sells your debt to Arrow. Arrow never reported the debt to the credit bureaus. No one other than Chase is reporting the debt on your credit report.

          Does that sum things up correctly?

          Here is the rub in a situation such as this: The Chase charge off has no shot of being removed through any negotiation or settlement with a debt buyer. Chase is already reporting a zero balance due to them (or should be), because they sold the right to the debt to Arrow Financial and there is nothing now owed to Chase.

          If no other debt collection entry is being reported in addition to Chase, and there is also no unpaid balance showing up and impacting your debt to income ratio, there is next to no reason that you should desperately be trying to settle this debt as it would relate to a credit report concern.

          A charge off credit card debt from 2008 or 2009 will have taken on a more stale nature by now on your credit report. If this same account later shows up due to a report from whomever bought the debt from Arrow Financial Services, you can deal with it then.

          Also, I may have read too much into your comment being a credit report concern. Why is it you are looking to settle this debt? What is the goal you are looking to accomplish?

          • chilechique says

            Yes, you have summed up the information correctly. The reason that I am interested in settling it is I don’t want them coming back to me in a year or two or three telling me that I have to go to court. I just wanted to try to nip it in the bud.

            Since the debt is not being reported by any of three credit agencies, does that mean my debt has been lost in a vortex somewhere, or is it just a matter of time till they come after me?

            • Michael Bovee says

              chilechique – I would not say your debt fell into a black hole… yet. These things have a way of turning up again, which you are aware enough to want to head that off from happening.

              Your state has a statute of limitations that prevents you from legitimately being sued for debts like this. You mentioned your last payment being made in 2008. Do you recall what month in 08?

              What state do you live in?

    • Michael Bovee says

      chilechique – The SOL (statute of limitations) for filing a legitimate collection law suit for credit card debt is typically understood to be 3 years in Maryland. If you have made no payments of any type in 4.5 years, the SOL is quite likely expired. This should alleviate much of your concern.

      The SOL expiration does not prevent a debt collector from filing a lawsuit, but your defense is simple and immediate – The debt is time barred from using the courts to collect. Wherever your debt with Arrow Financial went, if it surfaces, you will be in the drivers seat to resolve it if the SOL expired. By drivers seat, I mean you can not be pressured to pay, or pay a certain amount, with the threat of legal action if you don’t.

  8. Michael Murray says

    Hi Michael,
    I read your write up on the Arrow Financial LLC and it provided me with information needed to clear up some information. I called LVNV customer service who was helpful but told me that my debt was not part of the portfolio bought by LVNV. I need to sell my house and I can’t clear title until I settle this debt. So, my question is how would I find out who may have this account. Is it in bankruptcy court since the business closed and what strategies can I use to get to the right person, business, court to get this issue resolved. I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Michael – It is good to hear that you were able to speak with LVNV and found them to be helpful. Other readers will feel more comfortable reaching out to them.

      As for your predicament. I have not identified any other purchasers for parts of the Arrow Financial Services portfolio.

      Based on what you shared, I can assume Arrow sued for the debt and got a judgment which resulted in a lien placed on your home. Is this what happened?

      Until more purchasers of the Arrow debts surface, here is a suggestion:

      Pull your credit report. Use the free online access everyone has to one report annually from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion at: I also recommend the credit report card as a good free tool offered by

      Look at the recent inquiries section. Debt collectors and debt buyers will make frequent looks into your credit report and use the data as a metric for collection decisions. They leave a trail when they do that. Post a comment reply with the names of those companies making inquiries in the last 12 months. If you have other outstanding debts, it could cause there to be many inquiries, but we should still be able to narrow down probabilities.

      Also, the title company can call and write Arrow Financial Services with a formal payment demand request (common when there is a judgment lien on a home). Title will have a protocol to follow for something like this.

      Arrow Financial Services was not placed in receivership, or file for bankruptcy to my knowledge.

  9. Michael Murray says

    Great! I will employ that strategy. But if the company is closed with no working number or forwarding address where is the debt? Can I have this debt vacated by going to court to have the owner of the debt show up in court? Also, as a side note. There was a court case in California Arrow v. Wright. That found that the debt they brought they could not prove that the owned the debt and it was thrown out because there was no paper work on the debt the bought. Similar circumstance like the mortgage mess. In any case, do you think that my debt was part of this? Or is this an individual case? I know you are not a lawyer or I think you are not but would like your opinion.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Michael – The case linked appears to be from Georgia, but I assure you there are similar cases in California. Are you in CA? I can connect you with an excellent attorney resource for this kind of thing in CA, if you want to fully vet your options.

      Yes, this stuff happens mostly on an individual case by case basis. State AG’s go after larger state wide actions though. Illinois spanked Arrow Financial some years ago. Maryland spanked some debt buyers last year. Minnesota’s AG is on a tear with debt buyers for the last couple of years. I expect the CFPB to flex their new regulatory authority over larger sized debt collectors and debt buyers in the next year or so.

      None of that helps you though. You are dealing with a one off scenario. There may indeed be legal options. I would suggest talking to an experienced attorney first, then do the whole credit report/new debt owner sleuthing.

  10. Trish says

    Hi Micheal, I hope you can help me – – we are trying to get some financing and they notified me that they have one questions – – “Is this charge to GECRB that was in collections paid in full and do you have any verification on that?” Well I was trying to get something in writing through GE and after 4 or 5 calls to different departments finally found out that they sold my account to Arrow Financial and that they are out of business!!! I NO longer owe anything and that the Bad Debit was paid IMMEDIATELY upon Arrow Financial calling me – – all this happened in March of 2009 and I see from the article that you posted they were sold in Nov of 2009 – – If my account was paid IN FULL why am I still being flaged and who can help me since I didn’t owe Arrow any further money – – would my account even been sold to LVNV???? Please advise – – desperate to get this cleared up since I didn’t have a Clue it was hanging out there – – We financed something in 2010 and nothing came up about this????? THANKS FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME!!!! Oh P.S. is the Transaction from my Bank Statement good enough verification???

    • Michael Bovee says

      Trish – First thing I would suggest is pulling a copy of your credit report to see what is showing up there. Whomever you are trying to get financing from is seeing a collection account in a report they use to underwrite loan approval. The credit reporting agencies tend to have mostly the same stuff on them, but there are things that appear on one, but not others. It would be great if you could find out what report they are using that the collection account is appearing on. If it is Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion, you have access to one free report from each every 12 months. You can get those free reports on line from the site they set up at:

      Once you know the report they are using (though you should identify all reports containing the bad info), you should send a dispute to that credit reporting agency. Send the letter certified return receipt requested. I like to send the letter with a copy of the report from the bureau with the trade line at issue highlight with yellow highlighter pen. Your letter would be short and to the point. If the bad info is related to Arrow Financial – Something like:

      “I am contacting you to dispute the Arrow Financial Services collection account on my credit report. I have enclosed a copy of your file with the disputed trade line highlighted. You are reporting incorrect information in violation of the fair credit reporting act. This account was paid in full in March of 2009. I demand that you correct your reporting of this trade line immediately, or in the alternative, remove it from my report. I am being damaged by your incorrect reporting. I expect that you will follow your legal requirement in this regard, in the required legal time frame. If you do not, I will promptly file my complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.”

      I suppose you could include a bank statement showing the date and amount of your payment made to Arrow Financial Services years ago, but it is not up to you to provide documentation of your dispute. But including it may help the credit reporting agency in correcting this more rapidly.

      I would normally suggest sending a copy of the dispute to the furnisher of the bad information, but with Arrow being closed, I am not certain they would get it.

      An alternative read on what you shared is that the GECRB charge off is showing up. If you did not pay the account and it charged off, this showing on your report is normal. But if a finance company is raising the GECRB account as an issue, it would likely be because it is still showing a balance owed. If GECRB sold the account to Arrow, they cannot report a balance owed to them because it no longer is. You would send a dispute to the credit reporting agencies copying GECRB. The dispute would be simpler than the example above.

      You should follow through with an immediate complaint to the CFPB if your disputes do not get this resolved within 30 days. You can file a complaint about credit reporting with the CFPB here: – click on the credit reporting tab on that page to start your complaint.

      Another alternative would be to show the company you are trying to get financing through the bank statement proof you paid this. Depending on the situation, like a mortgage broker, it may expedite approval. But in today’s risk adverse credit markets, going with the credit reporting dispute may be the only way to get this done. You have to do it anyway, so that is the direction I would take.

      After pulling your credit report, you are welcome to post what it shows in a comment reply. I may have more feedback to give.

  11. kyle says

    I had a judgement from arrow on my credit report that is satisfied but doesn’t show it. How do I make sure it gets taken off my credit report

    • Michael Bovee says

      kyle – A judgment on your credit report is likely due to the data miners out there that scrape info from courts and provide that to the credit reporting agencies, and not a trade line being reported directly from Arrow Financial Services. Is the entry at issue in the public records section of your credit report?

      You cannot really get a judgment that is the result of a court record taken off of your credit report earlier than the 7 years time limit for it to fall off of the report on its own. You can take steps to make sure the judgment shows as paid/satisfied. With Arrow Financial gone, you would have to be the one to move the court to change the record to show the judgment is paid. If you have proof it was paid you should speak to a local attorney about filing a motion with the court to get this resolved.

  12. Trish says

    THANK YOU so much for getting back to me – – You gave me information I never knew about – – Most helpful and YES I will be following through since I have strived to keep my Credit in good standing!!!

  13. Michael says

    Hi Michael,
    I pulled my credit report just as you recommended and I saw two inquries on the report from two firms: Credit Solution Corp and National Credit Adjusters. I called the latter who stated that they did not buy any of the debt from Arrow. I could not get in touch with Credit Solution Corp. This is becoming a research project. My question is what is the debt buyer obligation in buying these accounts and are there any laws regarding not reporting accurate information or updating the owner of the bought debt to the court or credit repoting agencies within a reasonable time after they either sell the debt or close their door? Should I call Sallie Mae who owned a major interest in Arrrow, and bring the complaint to the CPRB? By the way I’m in NYC.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Michael – You bet there are laws that govern reporting only accurate information, but I have so far not read your comments to be related to a furnisher/credit reporting issue. I have read the issue to be one where you have a judgment that Arrow Financial got; it resulted in a property lien; you are selling and need to resolve the lien to pass title. You may have credit reporting concerns to clear up too, but the priority is the lien. Have I got the gist of the issue correct?

      Calling Sallie Mae on this would likely yield nothing, but man would I like for you to surprise me if you do call and learn something helpful.

      I am not certain what filing a complaint with the CFPB would yield. If my outline of the gist of things above is on point, your issue is a court judgment that resulted in a lien by a now defunct debt buyer. There is no one to target in your complaint that has a pulse.

      Judgment debts get sold to other bad debt investors in the normal course – even by companies still operating. This type of debt has a higher value in the market because the collection enforcement heavy lifting is already done. Your Arrow judgment account got picked up by someone. To think otherwise is just not consistent with logic. So here’s a theory:

      Judgment debt retains a better value. Perhaps an existing Sallie Mae subsidiary, or a newly created one, cherry picked judgment debts out of the Arrow portfolio. They owned a good chunk of interest in Arrow. I do not think I am stretching with this theory. Perhaps calling Sallie Mae is worth the effort.

      Also consider that judgment debt needs to be renewed in NY within 10 years. When was this judgment entered in the court?


      1. Sit down with an experienced title officer and discuss your scenario. There are protocols title companies follow for demand requests in order to pay off liens etc. There would also be protocols for unanswered demand requests. One method title companies use to approach this type of scenario is to follow demand request protocols, and if unsuccessful, hold back 150% of the judgment amount in escrow. Once a judgment creditor is located, escrow funds would be used to pay off the judgment. This allows the transaction to close, but ties up seller funds for a time.

      2. Connect with an experienced collection defense attorney in New York and learn if there is an existing legal theory that is worth advancing with the court.

  14. Adam says

    My credit report shows that Arrow Financial Services is a current judgement against me. I am looking a purchasing a house soon but with this still being an Open Judgement against me, I believe it is hurting my score as well looks horrible from a bank’s view. I paid this judgement in 2009 when I sold my last home. I have the settlement statement from the sale of the home to prove this. Who do I contact to get this taken off of my credit as an open judgement? Thanks for any help!

    • Michael Bovee says

      Adam – A couple of options to deal with the Arrow Financial entry on the credit report would be:

      1. Connect with an experienced attorney and file the records you have showing the judgment as paid with the court in order to get the court record to show the Arrow judgment as paid. Once the court record is corrected, send a copy of the updated court record to the credit reporting bureaus showing the unresolved Arrow account and demand that it be corrected.

      2. Take the proof you have showing the judgment was paid and send that attached to a dispute and demand for correction to the credit reporting agencies for correction.

      Your correction request with the credit reporting agencies can take up to 30 days for response and/or action.
      Be sure to send any dispute via certified mail return receipt requested. Keep a copy of everything regarding this situation. If you do not get this resolved with one dispute it will be time to file come complaints and perhaps even to connect with an experienced fair credit reporting consumer attorney for action.

      If it were me in your situation, of the 2 options above, I would personally go with option one to be certain the court record itself is corrected. The reason I say this is that the reporting agencies rely on data that is taken from the courts by third party data miners. If the court where the Arrow Financial Services judgment is entered gets mined again and that info uploaded to the credit reporting agencies, than the incorrect info may just show back up. Getting the court record changed is how to avoid that from happening.

  15. Lance Rhinehart says

    Hi Michael, First thanks for all you helpful information. I have a situation regarding a Credit Card, that went to Aarow, then LVNV. I had a credit card that went into Aarow financial collecctions around 2006. My father had passed away shortly after this. around 2 years later I received some money from his house we had to sell. I had immediatly paid all my collections, debts. etc. I specifically remember paying Aarow financial for the colections because they would call 10 times a day till I finally paid them. I wasn’t till a little over a year ago, we were trying to buy a house and LVNV came up on my credit. I didn’t know what this was till the banker showed me that the same account shows twice on my credit. One shows PAID in FULL, and another shows Bal $986.00. Now, I know 986.00 is not alot to some people, but I’ve already paid them. (I know exactly where I was when I paid them with my DEBIT card. I didn’t want to give them my card over the phone, but they insisted, and said I couldnn’t send a check. Also been paying VERY hi interist on the last 2 vehicles I bought because of them. I refuse to pay them a penny more. I’ve called them a few times and never received an answer, in fact my wife just called them Friday and the only answer they had for it being on my report was, “It might of been because you had 2 addresses since then”. What should I do, we already missed the home we wanted because of this.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Lance – I would encourage you to send a written dispute letter to the credit bureaus that have the LVNV entry showing up. I wouls send a copy of the dispute to LVNV as well. Send all communication certified mail return receipt requested. Your dispute can be something as simple as “account paid in full”, or “account not mine” (it may not be – the entry may have been the result of a mixed file when LVNV bought the debt from Arrow Financial).

      It is best to take a copy of the credit report from the agency that is reporting it, and include a copy of the page with the entry you are disputing with the entry itself highlighted.

      I would encourage you to pull out your bank statement from the month you paid the collection account off with Arrow. If you do not have a copy you can often go to your bank and request a printout of that months statement. Some banks will charge a buck or two for this. It will be up to you whether you include the proof of payment to the credit reporting agencies and LVNV as part of your initial dispute. You do not have to. It is up to them to investigate and make corrections. Whether you do, or don’t include proof of payment, you will be using that bank statement in the next step if they do not remove the entry.

      If this does not get resolved with the dispute method above, update this page with a comment and lets go from there.

  16. Alison says

    My husband has a judgement on an account with Arrow Financial Services through the debt collecter/lawfirm Machol and Johannes. Wages have been garnished a few times over the past few years to help satisfy the judgement. After the last garnishment was processed, we contacted Machol and Johannes several times to find out the balance of the account so we can just settle it, but no one has been able to tell us how much is owed. My employer just sent them a check for the amount withheld during the last garnishment, but according to the state website, it was not disbursed.

    Since I was not getting anywhere with Machol and Johannes, I decided to search for Arrow Financial and found this thread.

    Is it likely that Machol and Johannes is holding these funds now that Arrow has closed? What will happen to them and what is the best course of action to track down where his account has landed?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Alison – You have a unique issue with an Arrow Financial judgment that has not been brought up yet. I want to be certain I understand what is happening.

      Arrow Financial hired Machol and Johannes to sue your husband to collect a debt.
      Arrow ended up with a judgment.
      When was the judgment in favor of Arrow Financial entered with the court?
      Who was the original creditor on this debt?
      What is the balance still owed?
      What state are you in?

      You mentioned that the Arrow Financial Services judgment has resulted in wage garnishment a few times. I assume that is because there have been job changes over that period of time.
      You also mention that your employer sent a payment in relation to the garnishment.
      Were you named in the original lawsuit by Arrow Financial, or was it only your husband named?

      You mention that you checked the state website and that the last payment sent has not been dispersed.
      When was the last payment sent?
      Have you contacted the court to inquire about the balance remaining owed?

      I would encourage you to first contact the court and ask where those payments are being disbursed. It would be good for them to confirm with you that Machol Johannes is receiving them or not.

      Tracking down where the account has landed can be made easier if you post the answers to my questions above.

      • Alison says

        Thank you for your reply. To answer your questions:
        – The judgement with Arrow was entered in 2/2006
        – The original creditor was listed as Bank One/Whitehall
        – I do not know the balance still owed, and have tried to get that info from Machol and Johannes. I was told by a Machol & Johanness rep in 8/12 (during a garnishment period) that the remaining balance was $3227. On 1/10/13, my employer sent &2400 (garnishment withholdings) to them made out to Arrow Financial Services – I live in Washington state
        – There have been a few 60 day judgements in place to pay toward the balance, but no job changes.

        I was not named in the original lawsuit, but since Washington is a community property state, and my husband is currently unemployed, my wages have been garnished.

        I have not tried contacting the court, but will do so.

        The first we learned of the judgement was in 2010 when my employer received notice to garnish wages. We would like to just take care of this and move on.

        • Michael Bovee says

          Alison – With the goal of paying this off and moving on with your financial future, I would suggest getting the balance still owed on the judgment from the court itself and inquire as to where to deliver that payment in person. Show up with a certified bank check, get a receipt, and also be sure that a satisfaction of judgment gets filed with the court.

          • Alison says

            If only it were that simple. I live 200 miles away from the court. There is also the issue of the $2400 sent to Machol & Johannes by my employer. The court is showing no record of payment being received, and Machol & Johannes aren’t returning my calls. Paying the judgement without that $2400 applied will be difficult.

            • Michael Bovee says

              Alison – I see. I assumed your garnishment was being paid through the court (even though your comment reply was clear that your employer sent the funds to the Machol firm). I am signing off for the night. If you can post a reply with the area of Washington the court is in, and the area you are in, I will look up some resources for you to check into.

              • Alison says

                update – after talking a few times with a rep for M&J, I expressed my concern over Arrow being reported as closed on the BBB website, and my employer’s previous payment being applied to the judgement. Their representative told me that they would not garnish again, and I could make voluntary paryments. Again – I wanted some confirmation from them that the payments would be applied to the judgment, but got nothing. Just now my employer was notified of a new garnishment for the remaining balance. SO very frustrating. Any advice?

                • says

                  Alison – I had a consult with a couple dealing with an Arrow Financial Services judgment earlier this week. Husband and wife have been very diligent in tracking down additional correspondence. They have provided me with copies of letters etc., that I will be tracking down now and after the holiday weekend. I would like to speak with you to supplement some of what I am doing. Are you up to consulting over the phone briefly? I would like to drill into the details you have. Your willingness to help me may lead to helping others dealing with Arrow issues. Post a comment reply if you are. I will email you my contact info.

  17. gert says

    Trying to clear a title. The transcript of judgment references Arrow Financial and Foster & Garbus, attorneys. I contacted Foster & Garbus, they told me to contact Resurgent. I have done so, but Resurgent does not have the debt? Have you found any other companies that may have the debt?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Gert – I have not identified any other purchasers of the Arrow Portfolio. What is the date the court shows the judgment in favor of Arrow Financial Services was entered? What state do you live in?

        • Michael Bovee says

          Gert – thanks. judgment debt in NY with a lien generally requires the lien to be renewed in 10 years, so you are a ways from that. What can happen with passing clear title to real estate is that title/escrow will hold back somewhere in the neighborhood of 150% of the judgment balance. This would tie up funds until the judgment is resolved, or the lien fails to get renewed. But it would still allow the transaction to close and address the clear title concern.

  18. mitchell says

    Who else may have purchased some of arrows accounts I have one that I’m try to clear up that was sold to arrow from peach direct and I tried to settle with them but with no luck

    • Michael Bovee says

      Mitchell – Can you provide a little bit more detail about what you tried to do and when this was?

      I have not identified any additional purchasers of the Arrow Financial Services Portfolio. Have you reached out to LVNV at the number in the original article above?

  19. mitchell says

    Yes I have and they don’t have anything on me the account was first with peach direct back in 07 I tried paying them directly but they said they sold it to arrow I’m trying to buy a house and this is hurting e I tried to get peach direct to send me a paper saythey sold the account but have not had any luck with that don’t know what else I can do

    • Michael Bovee says

      Mitchell – Here is an alternative way to look at dealing with this:

      Peach direct sold the debt. This means they are not owed any money and if they are reporting on your credit report, should be showing a zero amount owed to them. Please verify in a comment reply that they are/are not reporting, and if they are, if there is an amount showing as owed.

      It sounds like it is the Arrow Financial Services credit reporting entry that is the problem. With them being closed, and assets sold off (we must assume all assets sold), any entry on your credit report showing money owed to Arrow Financial Services must also be assumed to be incorrect.

      With that in mind, you could file a dispute with the credit reporting bureaus stating you do not owe Arrow Financial Services and demand for the entry to be removed. Just a statement that simple will suffice. No need to go into histrionics and Arrow Financial being closed. Send your disputes certified mail return receipt. The credit reporting agencies will respond to your dispute in writing within 30 days of receiving your dispute. If it comes off, great. If it does not, post an update and lets take it from there.

  20. Rebecca says

    I received a letter from the IRS saying Arrow Financial sent a 1099-C in October of 2011, which I never received a copy from Arrow. Now I owe over a $1000. I’ve looked at old credit reports and don’t see anything from Arrow on it. Do I have any options?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Rebecca – Do you recall having an Arrow Portfolio collection account? Something where you were unable to pay a bill in the past, and Arrow ended up with it, and sent you collection letters, or made collection calls? I am asking in case you are posting from a place of “I have no idea what this could be from”, or if you are posting from a position of “I had some unresolved debts in the past, but have never heard from Arrow, now I get this”.

      Your answer will change the feedback I would offer.

      • Rebecca says

        I’m coming from the position of “I had some unresolved debts in the past, but have never heard from Arrow, now I get this”. I know I never received a 1099 from Arrow and I don’t know if I could dispute it with the IRS.

        • Michael Bovee says

          If you can identify which debt you had that Arrow bought, you may want to just chalk this up to a debt that went unpaid, was completely forgiven, and pay the tax. You may not owe the tax if you can show you were technically insolvent at the time Arrow Financial Services wrote it off and forgave it, which appears to be October 2011. Read this debt relief program report about forgiven debt and taxes:

          If you were to dispute this with the IRS, it may be that they are unable to confirm information with Arrow Financial, such as was suggested by one commenter above. But that readers situation was more than a decade old. Do you know which of your debts the Arrow Financial 1099c is related to?

            • Michael Bovee says

              Read the linked report and see what the insolvency exercise shows you for the period around 10/2011. If you were insolvent at the time, your concern about the 1k the IRS wants can be handled with a form 982. If you are going to end up owing the tax based on being solvent, then think about what your options for disputing this.

  21. Alicia says

    After I filed my taxes this year, aprox 5 days later i get a letter in the mail from IRS stating I owe $2083 from the year of 2011. The company arrow financial never sent me a 1099-c so I never knew they were writing off any debts or that I even had outstanding debts and still what debt at that. I would like some advise, how do I get a copy of the 1099-c, or information on what this debt is about. On top of everything else I am a single mother of one also raising my neice with no child support or welfare for either. Any info would be greatly appreciated Alicia from new Mexico

    • Michael Bovee says

      Alicia – Scroll up to the comment from “This makes no sense” on January 22 2013. I would suggest following the steps taken and call and speak to the IRS about the situation. You may have never even had a legitimate debt with Arrow Financial Services. Please update your comment with what you learn from the IRS.

  22. Rod says

    I came across this string of Q&A related to Arrow Financial Services. Most of the Q&A is related to consumer loans that Arrow Financial bought/serviced. My situation deals with student loans and until January 2013 I did not know that Arrow Financial Services was out of business.

    My situation is:

    I originally had a small student loan through HEMAR. Then in 2004-2005 I was notified via phone that Arrow Fiancial, a division of Sallie Mae at the time, bought my HEMAR loan. Through my agreed upon payment plan I’ve been paying my student loan through Arrow since the acquisition of my account. I’ve been mailing my payments to Arrow’s P.O. Box and my account is current as of December 2012. In Janury 2013 my payment was returned due to no forwarding address available. I’ve talked with a few attorney’s and accountants who said continue to set aside money for payment of the account and whoever acquired your Arrow account will contact you. Given the uniqueness of student loans and that my account was current until my returned payment of January 2013, how can I find out who, if anyone has my account, so I can contiue to make payments and keep it current. One accountant recommnded contacting Salle Mae, since Arrow’s web site stated Arrow was owned by Sallie Mae. I did this but the Sallie Mae person had no helpful information. Do the companies mentioned in this string deal with student loans, as well as consumer credit, and per chance bought my account from Arrow? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Rod – There is a market for virtually any type of debt, so it would be worth a phone call to LVNV to see if they picked up your HEMAR account. I am a bit skeptical though, based on the fact your payments were being process up through December 2012. The phone number to LVNV is in the original article above. Post an update in a comment reply with what you learn.

      Sallie Mae was a major stake holder in Arrow Financial, but not the owner. If LVNV does not have the account, take a look at your credit reports and see if there have been any inquiries that you do not recognize and post the names of who made those inquiries. That may help to identify the purchaser of your HEMAR debt either now, or in the months ahead – if you are not contacted directly. Debt buyers often run programs that help them determine how collectable each debt is. Part of that program is to review individual debtor credit reports.

  23. Rod says

    I called the 888 number for LVNV and after the pre-recorded messges they kept asking for an LVNV account number, which I don’t have, stating that they were a company that was in the business of collecting bad debts, which mine isn’t as of Feb. 2013. I went to their web site and tried to send an e-mail with my question. Kept getting a server error message, so my inquiry didn’t go through.

    I finally found a customer service e-mail address for Resurgent/LVNV and e-mailed them inquiring as to whether they bought my Arrow account. Until I hear back I’ll keep digging around to see the other possibilites.

    I am believeing you are correct about LVNV not acquiring my account because, per there 888 service they are a collection service for past due accounts, my account is not past due yet, and per their web site the only other loans they regularly service are mortgages.

    But I’ll see what their response is to my inquiry and let you know what they say.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Rod – Thanks for posting the update. I will say this – Arrow Financial Services manner of closing up their books, and taking their ball and going home, is sloppy work.

  24. Rob L. says

    I recently applied to refinance our home. A claim from “Arrow Finance” now shows up on my wife’s credit report as having a judgment against her. We have never heard of this company or received any summons, court order, judgment, etc.

    We contacted our family attorney and he said we need to find out the date of the claim, contact information, etc. If they are no longer in business or LVNV did not take on this her debt. How can we get this fraudulent claim off of her report?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Rob – You do need to pull the information from the court docket. Once you have that please post an update with the following:

      Original lender referenced in the suit and whether your wife ever had an account with that lender.
      The date the judgment was entered in the court.
      What address the process server listed as having perfected service and whether your wife has ever lived at that address.

      Dealing with this is going to be a chore, but I can help with some feedback once you share the above information.

      LVNV is not the source of the problem, and if they do own the debt now, they may/may not be part of the solution.

  25. Rod says

    It’s been two days and no response from LVNV/Resurgent as to whether they bought my Arrow Financial Services student loan account or not. So they may not own the loan, do own the loan but since it is current they are dragging their feet until it becomes past due to notify me and play hardball/nasty, do not respond to e-mail inquiries at all because it leaves a communication trail or it takes forever for LVNV/Resurgent to respond to an e-mail inquiry.

    Given how bad Arrow’s record keeping appears to have been who knows. I called up my credit report but no recongizable inquires/activity or data related to my Arrow account yet. That’s not to say the account is floating out there, it is that I’ve not be notified in anyway as to whether it was bought by another party and, so far, have not been able to find out in my research who may now own it.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Rod – I really do not think LNVN/Resurgent have it. But you do bring up a good point. If your loan is not being paid and goes into default with fees added etc., the purchaser may not be motivated to reach out to you on purpose. I am going to do some digging next week and see what more I can learn that may help you and others dealing with what you have in front of you.

      • Rod says

        I received the copy of my Western Union processed money order from Nov 2012 and Resurgent Capital Services processed/cashed it.

        I tried calling Resurgent but again the automated line kept asking for an account number, which I do not have, and the processed money order’s is not legible.

        I have Resurgent’s mailing address from their web site and since they have cashed previous money orders sent to Arrow Finance, I am going to send the money orders I have for Jan and Feb to Resurgent, since I had already filled them in with Arrow Finance as the Payee, and see if they process them or return them.

        • Michael Bovee says

          Rod – Thanks for posting the update. You may want to consider connecting with them prior to sending in additional payments. If you want help, let me know in a comment reply and I will email you. No charge. I will just work to get you connected so you can proceed with payments and confidence.

  26. Rod says

    Thank you. Student loan account holders are encouraged to play hide and seek and let the account go into default then the account explodes exponentially because they can add excessive fees without any legal reprecussions for their actions, especially private, non-government guaranteed loans. Arrow Financial Services going out of business may be more than a minor nuisance for me and my account.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Rod – I understand all too well the perverse incentive that is built in to student loan collections. It would be wrong to say it is only applied to the private student loan market. The 25% penalty applies to government backed loans that go into default too. A collector stands to do much better on performance metrics by letting accounts go into to default rather than rehab loans.

      • Rod says

        Exactly. I had been paying with M.O.s so I contacted Western Union to ask for a copy of the previously processed/cashed/honored M.O.s hoping that they had some tell tale information like who cashed them. Hopefully this can give me a lead to a company.

        If you find out any more helpful information, let me know. Thanks.

      • Rod says

        Well things just became more interesting to say the least. I used Western Union for my money order payment. My December 2012 payment has not been cashed/honored. My November 2012 payment was cashed on Dec. 24. 2012. In order to receive a copy of the cashed November 2012 money order I have to request it in writing, which I am, hoping that there is identifiying bank, company or other information on it that will allow me to trace who is cashing them and hopefully they are the holders of my Arrow account.

        • Michael Bovee says

          Rod – If it will not inconvenience you, I would encourage you include 12 months of transaction history, just in case there are changes to the payment processing that could provide more to the Arrow Financial puzzle.

  27. Rod says

    Also you and your readers may be interested in It’s a website where you can post general legal questions and they can give you advice.

  28. Michael Bovee says

    This comment post was originally submitted as a reader question about a 1099-c Arrow Financial services sent to the IRS in 2011. I am posting it and my reply to this page in an effort to better consolidate site content.

    “Received (2/2013) a CP2000 from the IRS for 2011 for understating income from a 1099-C from you guessed it Arrow Financial Service. 1. I never received a 1099-C 2. Arrow closed shop, not sure when? 3. If this is from Credit card debt, they never contacted me in writing of such debt. 4. Debt would have been from 1993, 20 years ago, isn’t their a statute of limitations on collection a debt? I reside in New Mexico for the past 20 years. Can you please assist me with this issue? I need to respond to the CP2000 and sure what i can do to fight the 1099-C that i never received. thank you!

    How do i respond to a 1099-C i never received from arrow financial services? What are my rights to debt on a CC over 20 years old?”

    • Michael Bovee says

      Sydney – Scroll up to the comments above from January 22nd. One reader who is experiencing something similar on a 10 year old debt was able to dispute this with the IRS directly.

      The IRS is just following standard procedures when they get a 1099-c. Arrow closed up for good last year. In there effort to do so, they probably cleaned up their books issuing 1099’s on the debts they could not sell off to another debt buyer.

      If you work with a tax professional, you will want to ask if they have any experience with something like what has occurred with you and the Arrow Financial collection account. I would also suggest contacting the IRS directly like “this makes no sense” outlined having done in the comments from Jan 22.

  29. Jan says

    My husband has a judgment from Arrow Financial. We are in North Carolina. The clerk of court’s office told me that if the plaintiff is no longer in business, we can pay the court and “the money will stay in escrow until ‘they’ come pick it up.” When I asked if ‘they’ referred to the company that no longer exists, she replied, “Yes.” That can’t be right, can it? Does the state get to keep that money? Should we go back to the original creditor in this case? We have no idea how to proceed to settle this debt. Thanks.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Jan – Arrow Financial Services bought the debt from the original creditor, or some other debt buyer who bought the debt from your original lender. You cannot go back to the lender and pay this.

      Most judgment debt in North Carolina is good for 10 years. The judgment will expire, or can be renewed for another 10 years. When was the judgment entered in the court record? If the 10 years is approaching, and any judgment creditor is MIA, it is unlikely it will be renewed.

      Are you working on a specific credit goal, like a home purchase or refinance that this judgment is holding you back from? If you are, providing the court with payment in order to show a satisfaction of judgment may be how you make progress if you cannot locate the judgment creditor. This would of course mean paying the full amount, not settling the Arrow Financial judgment.

      I honestly do not know if the court keeps the money if a judgment creditor does not step up before the judgment expires. I should think you can petition the court for a return of that money if that were to occur. Have you connected with an experienced collection defense attorney in North Carolina about your issue?

  30. Jan says

    Hi, Michael. The judgment was filed in 11/08 so we have 5 years left. We would like to resolve this so that we can either refinance or sell our home. My husband says that he was never served papers and did not know about the judgment until we pulled up his credit report. I did not know him at that time (we are newly married). I guess we should go to the courthouse and look at how it was served. The amount on the credit report which was pulled in 11/12 was $1,886. I know it would be more than that for the 4 months since the report was pulled, but will there also be other court-related charges added on as well?

    I think we are going to call CRN for help as this judgment is one of many issues on the credit report. My husband was out of work for 3 years, and all of these things happened during that time before I knew him. He has had a full-time job since 2008 and is better able to deal with this now. We have not contacted a lawyer. We are prepared to settle on everything, but we really need some guidance on how to go about it. I have seen several numbers on your website, and I was wondering if we should call a certain one. The credit report has 2 judgments, several charge offs, and a couple of collections on it, all from 2006 to 2008. Please advise on which number we should call to talk to someone. Thanks so much for your help.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Jan – 800-939-8357 ext 3 will get you direct to a CRN specialist. I am not in the rotation for consults, so if you want to do the consult with me personally, call the number in my email signature line that I am sending you. That is my direct line.

      • Jan says

        Hi, Michael. Thank you so much for talking to my husband and me tonight. You were very helpful and encouraging, and I am so grateful for the wonderful service that you are providing to people who are trying to recover from financial difficulties. I look forward to learning what you discover about the accounts that Arrow has scattered to the four winds! Thank you again for all of your help. Sincerely, Jan

  31. Christina says

    Hi, I have a debt that was went to Arrow Financial and was sent to judgement in court with the disposition date being in 2010. Currently, I have a part time job and my paycheck is being garnished which is really affecting my ability to live above the poverty line at this point. Is there anything I can do? Any arrangement I can make to stop my check from being garnished?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Christina – you can petition the court the judgment is in for a hearing to show the garnishment is causing a hardship. They will have a standard for comparing your income and expenses. You may qualify for a partial or full exemption from garnishment. Call the court and ask about the process and forms you will need to submit to get that ball rolling.

  32. Bea says

    I have a judgement from Arrow Financial 10/2008 original debtor was Washington Mutual credit card. I live in AZ now, but judgment is in California were I used to live. My credit report now shows a collection from LVNV original debtor is the same. I am trying to purchase a home what can I do? Just found out they are no longer in bussines.

    • says

      Bea – Call the number to LVNV I put in the original article above and verify they are who now owns the Arrow Financial debt. The fact that LVNV is now showing on your credit report is a strong indication they are who have your debt now.

      I would not go into any detail with LVNV about your goal of buying a home if you are ultimately trying to resolve this by settling for the most savings on the debt. What is the amount owed on the debt now? Are you prepared to fund a settlement in order to accelerate your goal of buying a home?

      • Bea says

        my judgement is for $2,148 but the amount that show’s on my credit report from LVNV is $4455 I don’t know why it’s so high, but original owner show’s the same. Any yes I am trying to settle in order to buy a house. But if they want me to pay $4455 I am not paying. I guess I can just wait another 2 yrs. and wait to fall off my credit report.

        • Michael Bovee says

          Bea – The Arrow Financial judgment grows with interest set by the court that cannot exceed your states cap. If you want to wait 2 years until the judgment entry is off of your credit report (be sure you are calculating the date the judgment was entered in the court record, not the date you first missed a payment on the account to the original creditor), I hear you. Just know that the judgment is not going anywhere, and is going to continue to grow. That judgment can lead to wage garnishment and bank account levy.

          You may want to talk with a local loan officer about whether the judgment being on record in the local court, even if off of your credit report, will impede your ability to get a loan approved. There are instances where judgments already aged off of your credit still impact home loans.

  33. Russell King says

    Had the same problem with the IRS the 1099c of $3500.00. I know I have had no dept of any kind in over 20 years but I guess it is possible that this might be one from 20 years ago during the divorce ( do not believe it is), but possible, if so can they go back that far. Plus how do I get a company that is no longer in business to validate that the debt is not mine?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Russell – Another commenter on this page had success contacting the IRS and writing in to Arrow Financial Services. The commenter just posted an update a couple days back about the successful resolution of the IRS tax treatment on a 10 plus year old debt. Scroll up and read through my comment exchanges with “This makes no sense”. I asked a former IRS and current tax pro to weigh in on that section of the comments too. From the little you shared in your comment, it would makes sense for you to duplicate some of what was shared.

  34. Marc L says

    I have a judgement from March of 2008 in favor of Arrow. What should I do to have this removed from my credit report since I can no longer pay them. Can I speak with someone from the court and have them throw the judgement out? LVNV hasn’t reported on my account and I’d rather not call them and have them look into my account.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Marc – You cannot do much to have the Arrow Financial Services judgment removed from your credit report. Judgments appear in the public records section of your credit report. The integrity of that information is managed by the court. You can either payoff or settle the judgment in order to get it to reflect it is satisfied, or wait for it to age off of your report. The court is not going to “throw the judgment out”.

  35. Mary D says

    I had a collection with arrow that I paid off in April of 2011. I have a confirmation number from arrow that it was paid and taken care of. Now I have LVNV attempting to collect that debt. What can I do?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Mary – gather up your settlement documentation and proof of payment. Make copies (do not send originals), and fire that off with a dispute letter to LVNV sent certified mail return receipt (so you get the green card proving they got your mail). It would appear Arrow Financial Services mistakenly included your settled account in with the debts they sold to LVNV. If you have any problems after that, post a follow up comment and lets go from there.

  36. Olga says

    Arrow Financial obtained a judgment debt against me which I now wish to settle in order to convey title to a home. But I can’t seem to find them to pay them off! LVNV does not have the debt. Any other leads?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Olga – I have a few leads that I am working on thanks to some off line communication with some of this sites awesome readers. I am not holding out for direct confirmation or clear direction to offer people, but perhaps some additional resources to refer readers to. LVNV is the only confirmation I have to date. I do want to point out that LVNV is a good example of how to communicate properly with the public.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Olga – An option in order to convey title would be to pay the full Arrow Financial Services judgment amount to the court and get the lien released that way.

  37. M.c.w says

    Hello Micheal, I have a judgement that went to the Marshalls in NYC for arrow due to a past credit card, it was never paid, now like many others I see Arrow is out of business, I wanted to know if I can get this removed from my account, this was back in july, 2009… trying to get a lawyer to represent my case, now as I want to purchase a home…

    • Michael Bovee says

      Mcw – It can be difficult to unwind a judgment through the court after 4 years. I am not sure what the attorney you find will be able to do. It would be a good idea to locate a couple of attorneys with debt collection defense experience and consult with each for multiple opinions.

      If an unpaid judgment is holding you back from purchasing the home you want, you may need to remit payment to the court in order to get the judgment to reflect satisfied.

      Did you contact LVNV at the number in the original article above to see if they have the debt now?

      • M.c.w says

        yes I contacted a lawyer and no lvnv doesnt have it, I am going to pay it and get the charges reduced and have it removed after that…

        thank you.

  38. Harvey says

    Hello, this information has been very helpful.

    I have a judgment from Arrow that is on my credit report. LVNV is also reporting the account (they must have bought it from Arrow, as I understand from reading this discussion), but the amount they are reporting is more than $3K more than the judgment. My question is: are they allowed to continue adding fees and interest to the judgment amount? Also, is the statute of limitations on the LVNV account the same as that of the judgment, or does it correspond to the SoL of the original creditor?

    Thank you for your help.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Harvey – Judgment debt can have an interest rate attached to it. That rate is set by the court. You should be able to read through the court documents and find what interest rate is being applied to the Arrow Financial judgment.

      Judgments do have a shelf life. Mostly of 10 years, but the judgment can be renewed, and depending on the state, for another 10 years or even longer. It is definitely something you want to deal with in order to avoid any wage garnishment, bank account levy, or property lien. You can read more about resolving judgment debt here:

      Credit card judgment debt will be on your credit report for 7 years from the date Arrow Financial Services got it entered in the court. Judgments have their own credit reporting time line separate from credit reporting from the original creditor.

  39. Harvey says

    Oh also, one additional question: Can LVNV garnish wages on behalf of the Arrow judgment?

    Thank you!

    • Michael Bovee says

      Yes, that is a possibility depending on your state. Texas, North Carolina, PA, Florida are examples of states where wage garnishment laws protect you. States also have garnishment exemption calculations where if you qualify, LVNV may not be able to garnish.

  40. Michael says

    Hi, I live in PA and have a judgement that was filed Sept 2009. I want to satisy the judgement so I can refinance. I got a copy of the judgement and contacted the attorney who filed it and told them I would like to settle. They are stating that they are no longer handling it and to contact GEMB. I contacted them and they are showing the account in question as charged off and to contact whoever was listed in judgement and on my credit report which is Arrow Financial and since they are out of business I tried LVNV and they do not have this account. The original debt was from Aqua Advantage and the lawyer on the judgement is Frederic Weinberg in Conshohocken, PA. I would appreciate any advice on how to go about settling this judgement. Thanks

    • Michael Bovee says

      Michael – Without the ability to locate the judgment owner, you may not be able to “settle” the Arrow Financial Services judgment. If you need to make progress on the refinance you could talk to the court about paying the current judgment balance direct to them in order to get the judgment updated as satisfied in the court record.

  41. Tom Manier says


    I too have an issue with Arrow– went to court with their agent and it was “dismissed with prejudice” against Arrow. Now I am getting collection letters from LVNV agent for a debt that was unproven by Arrow. What should I do? Do I have any recourse against LVNV? Thank you in advance for your reply!

    • Michael Bovee says

      Tom – It appears that Arrow Financial did not include the disposition of your account when it went to LVNV Funding LLC. LVNV will generally have no interest in trying to collect on an account like yours. If it were me in your shoes I would write a letter to LVNV disputing the debt with a brief outline of the facts. Send it certified mail return receipt. Post an update here if any collection activity continues after that.

  42. Margaret says

    I live in IL. I had a household bank credit card and eventually the debt of $1,616.09 ended up with Arrow Financial. They hired a law firm called Blatt Hasenmiller F L in Chicago who put a lien/judgement on the title of my home. I am trying to refinance and pay this debt, but no one seems to know where my acct. is. The attorneys office said they are searching for it, and Resurgent Capital Services doesn’t have it either. Mind you, I am EXTREMLY frustrated as I have been dealing with this for approx. 3 months and getting no where. There should always be a tracking system for this sort of thing, it’s just not right to hold people hostage to a debt they need to resolve. Yesterday I called the attorney’s office for Arrow and they told me the debt was cancelled with Resurgent on July 28th 2008, but I still need to pay it, but they can’t tell me who to pay it to??? I offered to pay them, they cannot accept payment, they suggested I call Household bank where the debt originated. They have record of me and cannot accept payment either, as they sold the loan in 2008 to Collect America, who NOW is Square 2 Financial, who then sold it to Arrow… It’s totally unbelievable!! I finally called my attorney yesterday to see what he can do. He said he’d call the law firm and try and work out a solution with an attorney for Arrow,,, “the company that no longer exists”. Who are these financial institutions held accountable to? This sort of thing needs to be exposed and dealt with! My lender wants a clear title, they do not want monies held in an escrow acct., and dear “God” I don’t want to have future problems with the IRS over this. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do, or who I can call? I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thank you most kindly for taking the time to help us all to find some resolve from the ARROW nightmare. Good Luck to everyone~
    With Warm Regards- Margaret

    • Michael Bovee says

      Margaret – If you are prepared to pay the full amount you can remit that to the court and get the record to reflect the judgment has been satisfied. It would likely be the fastest way to get what you need done in order to proceed with refinancing. Talk to your attorney about that instead. He will not be getting anywhere with the other attorney, or anyone else for that matter, unless they are the rightful owner of the debt. Using the court in your situation is what I would do if I were in your situation and had the money to resolve the Arrow Financial judgment.

      • Margaret says

        Thank you so much for your prompt response. I will talk to my attorney about paying the debt to the court, and find out if they will accept it on behalf of Arrow. I will post again to let you know what happens… You have been most helpful. I do know that this whole situation is my fault, it happened because I was laid off when the economy went south. It was more important for me to keep up my mortgage payments, food and utilities which thankfully I’ve been able to do. It saddens me that the banks and auto industries got bail outs when they were in financial crisis, but yet so many families across America have lost their homes.
        Once again, thank you for your sound advice…

  43. Sharon says

    Hi Michael, like others, I just received a letter from the IRS that my 2011 tax return was incorrect and after investigating, found there was a Cancellation of Debt (form 1099-C) filed by Arrow Financial Services in the amount of $658.00 and the IRS is taxing me on this amount ($163.00). First, my credit is very good and AFS is nowhere to be found on my credit report. I have never been contacted by AFS, nor did I receive a copy of the 1099-C. I attempted to look up AFS so I could call and find out who the debt was owed to and I come to find they are no longer in business. What do I do now? I see there are many complaints about this and I don’t want to pay the IRS for something that may be fraudulent and/or cannot be proven.
    Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Sharon – I am not sure if you read through all of the comments on this thread, but scroll up to the exchange that begins here. And read through that string, including the link I have to the Forbes article. You may want to go through the same steps with the IRS that “This makes no sense” did.

      • Sharon says

        I did read through all of the comments and the Forbes article, all of which were very informative and will help. Since the majority of the comments regarding this subject were 5-6 months ago, I wasn’t sure if any new information came to light. I don’t know exactly when AFS closed their business. I am going to send my response to the IRS in writing and when they attempt to contact AFS and find they have closed, hopefully they will forgive the tax, especially since there is no proof the canceled debt was valid in the first place.

        • Michael Bovee says

          Sharon – Unfortunately, there has not been much to add or share regarding Arrow Financial Services, and where accounts have been placed. I have had some readers provide some great correspondence that I have followed up on. But nothing has resulted in being able to add anything meaningful to the thread.

          How you indicated proceeding is how I would go about it. I would expect you will be able to solve all of this that way, but it is going to be a process.

          • Sharon says

            After several letters to the IRS and some research on my own, (to make a long story short), it was determined that identity theft was at play in my case. Someone had initiated an account with an electric company using my social security number and never paid for the services. I was able to prove to the IRS that I never lived in the area that the electric company services. Finally, I received a letter from the IRS absolving me of the amount.

            • Michael Bovee says

              Thank you very much Sharon, for posting an update with how this all shook out with the IRS and the Arrow Financial debt.

  44. Amy says

    I’ve read through the above comments and still feel unsure about what to do in my particular situation. First of all, I live in Texas and this is what happened: Arrow Financial Services, LLC sued me over a credit card debt (CareCredit – GEMoney Bank)….and a judgement was entered in 2008 by Arrow Financial signed by the Mann Braken Law Firm. I am wanting to get approved for a home loan and need to clear this court record asap. I have filed a dispute (6/17/13) with all three credit bureaus as it is my understanding that if they are unable to contact the plaintiff in the judgement, they will delete it from my record. Is that correct? Or will the credit bureaus just call my local court and confirm the judgement (without ever trying to reach Arrow Financial) and report to me that it will stay on my report? I am willing to pay this debt if only I could find SOMEONE to take the money and clear it in the court. I called LVNV and they do not have my account in their system. Should I get an attorney to try to find who to pay – and then file the paperwork to release it in the court? Or will it fall off my credit report in 7 years? Thanks in advance for any advice.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Amy – Both Arrow and Mann Bracken are gone from the collection scene. Locating who legitimately owns the judgment debts from Arrow has been ridiculously difficult.

      The credit reporting agencies are basing their reporting off of information in the court, not something Arrow Financial Services sent to them. Disputing a judgment, when there is one in the record, is not likely going to be effective.

      Based on what you have shared about the ability to pay it off, and your goal, you could simply pay the court the full amount and get the record to show the judgment as satisfied, which is what you need. You can hire an attorney to make sure it is done correctly.

      Yes, the judgment will fall off of the credit report, but that is a couple years away.

      • Amy says

        Thank you for your time and the advice, Michael. I guess my next step will be finding an attorney to help me get it taken care of. Thanks again. :)

  45. Hannah C. Lacara says

    I am in the same sinking boat that the others are in. I have received a letter from the IRS advising me of a 1099 that was filed by Arrow Financial Services for an amount I thought belonged to a car loan that AFS had bought out. But upon inspection of my credit report from the three reporting agencies, my car loan is still on there with the original creditor. I have no clue how to go about researching what or who this debt AFT bought and filed a 1099 on, came from. Any suggestions on how to go about researching that would definitely be greatly appreciated.
    Thanking you in advance for all your help!

    Hannah C. Lacara

    • Michael Bovee says

      Hannah – Your original creditor will report the fact the loan with them went bad for 7 years (7.5 in some instances). Based on what you shared about Arrow Financial Services sending the notice to the IRS, your original lender sold the bad debt to them. Look on your credit report to see if your original creditor is reporting that there is a zero balance owed to them on the account. Let me know what you find.

  46. Cathy Boyer says

    Mr. Bovee,

    We have a client who has a judgment from Arrow Financial Services appearing on his credit report. He is trying to refinance his home and his lender wants us to verify that this is not his judgment (our client says that it is not). I have tried to contact Karen D. Washington, the attorney that handled it, but she says that she has not information about SC Judgments and that I need to contact the Plantiff (Arrow Financial Services, LLC) directly. What do you suggest I do? I just need to contact somebody to compare SS# to see if this Judgment truly is our client’s or not. Thank you, Cathy

    • Michael Bovee says

      Cathy – Connecting the dots to your clients SS and the judgment is not likely at this point, unless you are able to connect with the legitimate debt owner.

      Unfortunately, the debt may not be your clients. This type of thing does happen. Here is something else that may have occurred:

      Client failed to pay a debt. The debt got sold. Arrow Financial ends up with it and sues, only fails to properly serve your client. Arrow Financial gets a default judgment. Client never knew about it until applying for credit.

      Has anyone pulled the court record and identified the original creditor account Arrow sued to collect on? If not, your client should pull the record and identify whether they ever had an account with that creditor.

      What was the date of the judgment entry?

  47. Richard says

    Hi Michael,
    In 2007 I was taken to court by Arrow and a judgment was issued against me (even though I hired a lawyer – don’t think they did their job). In the ensuing time since the judgement, I have never had a single person contact me regarding this, up to this very day. The judgement does show on my credit report and of course is hurting my score ( Good, Fair and Fair from the big 3).
    By my reckoning, this should drop off my report somewhere between late 2014 to early 2015.

    I called LVNV today and they had no record on me so I’m assuming Arrow did not sell my “debt” to them. As I mentioned earlier, no one else has ever contacted me bout this issue.

    Is there something I can do to have this expunged from my credit report sooner than later?

    Thanks for your advice!

    • Michael Bovee says

      Richard – The credit reporting about the Arrow judgment is the result of the court record. To get this removed you would need to hit the source of the information – the court. You could pay the court the amount of the judgment and get it to reflect the judgement is satisfied. Is there something you are being held back from accomplishing due to the judgment entry on your credit report?

    • Richard says

      Sorry Michael – I just got back on and saw your reply. No, I’m not trying to buy a house or anything at the moment, but if I believe it has hurt me several times as I attempted to get a mainstream credit card for example – they would send me a report and on it the judgement would be mentioned.

      • Michael Bovee says

        Richard – The Arrow judgment will be part of any credit risk and pricing decision companies will make until it ages off of your credit report. The judgment will still be there after it ages off of your credit report. The balance of the judgment is likely growing with interest. What is the judgment amount?

          • Michael Bovee says

            Richard – If you can wait to apply for additional credit until this ages off of your credit report, you will be able to apply and increase your approval chances after that. The judgment will not go away, and will still need to be dealt with. I am still committed to confirming other purchasers of the Arrow portfolio. I made additional calls to Arrow Financials prior majority owners, and a few other smaller debt purchasers yesterday. I will post any updates worth mentioning to the comments here. If you are subscribed to the comments you will get those updates.

  48. Mark N. says

    A citation to Discover Assets was filed with the Circuit Court in Illinois. It was entered into the record on June 24 and I received the notice on July 9th. The bank froze my account on July 5th. How can they proceed to freeze my account if I had not received notice or called into court when the motion to freeze my account was entered? Is there a way to use the $4,000 personal property exception to unfreeze the account? How can the law firm collecting the debt refuse to send me documentation of my payments to them prior to the Discover of Assets?

    Thank you.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Mark – How the laws in Illinois are structured to allow for what just happened, and what you can do about it now, is best discussed with a debt collection defense attorney in your state. Most of the type of attorney I am talking about will offer an initial consult at no charge. If you would like me to send you contact info for one I find near you, send me an email (hit reply to the email notification of this comment), include the name of a large city close to you.

  49. Margaret says

    I am now getting fed up with trying to break into this brick wall that Arrow Financial carelessly handled! Certainly in this day and age, everything should be tracked. Can I and others file a lawsuit against Arrow for causing so much chaos? If they went bankrupt, where are the attorneys representing Arrow for the bankruptcy? Shouldn’t they have access to all files from Arrow? I am also at a point that I am going to start emailing news media about this problem… My attorney told me that this is a very unusual situation, because there is always somebody to pay. He was at a loss to tell me what kind of attorney I need. He told me that of course we could go before the judge and motion to vacate,,, but we have no paperwork to present to the judge that we’ve exhasted all our attempts since April. So I guess I’ve got to try and make this an issue in the public arena.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Margaret – You certainly can go as public as you would like with the difficulty you are having. Did you try to connect with the company I outlined in the editorial above to see if they have the account? Have you considered paying the judgment off?

      I have hit a brick wall with additional efforts to identify other portfolio purchasers. I may have a lead to follow this week though.

  50. nicole says

    i work for a mortgage company, i have a borrower that has a judgement on title for arrow Financial Services. i understand they are no longer in business, the attorney involved aparently is also out of business. i tried the number above and its not a working number. do you know of any other way to get this judgement taken care of? it was paid off in a garnishment back in 2005.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Nicole – Can the borrower, or their employer, show through bank statement or records that the garnishment satisfied the judgment?

      • Michael Bovee says

        Mark – What month in 2008 was the lien filed? It would need to be renewed to maintain priority at 5 years. That is this year.

          • Michael Bovee says

            Keep an eye on it from now till then and see if it gets renewed. Please post an update to this comment string if that happens.I would REALLY like to follow up on whoever would have done that.

                • JR says

                  I have a judgement from Arrow Financial from 2/1/2010 for $3,100 which I never new existed until a few weeks ago. Just received a letter from an Atty in Tucson AZ asking for $4.5K. The original business credit card last payment was in July 2007. As you know, AFS is out of business, can this atty collect on a judgement from 2010 & does he have to show proof the receivable was purchased??
                  Also, in Arizona SOL was 3 years but in 2012 they changed it to 6 years, so its NOT grandfathered where they can go back…correct?
                  This is from another atty that’s sueing me for a past business credit card?? I was just sent certified mail? He took over the case from an attorney where it was adjudicated 2x…with him refiling does that permit him to continue from the 3 year of SOL??

                  • Michael Bovee says

                    JR – There really is not a concrete SOL on judgment debt in Arizona. The judgment just has to be renewed on time.

                    I would really like to connect with you on the phone about this. I will help you in any way I can – no charge. I really want to get to the bottom of the fresh information you bring with this post. If you are open to it, email a reply back to the comment notification email you get. Those all come to me. We can connect after that.

                • Mark says

                  I just want to thank you, although it’s been some time I called Steve and he assisted in resolving my issue with Resurgent/Arrow Financial.

                  Thank you


  51. Slkjr1 says

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for this website and your help. I reached a payment agreement in court with Nelon and Kennard, representing Arrow Financial. I never missed a payment and was more than half way through my payment schedule. Nelson and Kennard returned my last check and stated that they have no further information, other than AFS has recalled my account. I’ve been calling every week to try and resolve this situation. After a month of leaving messages and speaking with multiple representatives , I received a call. Their rep on on the other end said they could not speak with me because I had an attorney on file.Needless to say my attorney has called and left messages to no avail.

    • Slkjr1 says

      Also Michael, I do not have a judgement against me, just a stipulation that states if I miss a payment a judgement may be filed. this is causing me much anxiety, as I am also in the middle of studying for the upcoming October LSAT.

      Thanks again

      • Michael Bovee says

        Slk – There are a couple of other comment posts above where this same concern has been raised. Hopefully your attorney is able to get a response on this. How Arrow Financial Services recalled the account this late in the wind down is odd.

        I would be interested in speaking with you and your attorney about your situation. If you are up to it, send an email reply to this comment notification and we can coordinate a time to connect.

        • SLK says

          Hi Michael,

          Here is an update: my attorney spoke with Nelson and Kennard and they stated that arrow financial went toes up,that i may or may not receive something in the mail, and they are no longer handling the case and that they’d back me in regards to payments made and following the stipulation. I asked them prior to this if they had a judgement against me and they said no, it would be entered if i missed a payment etc, etc. the dismissal date is still on calendar for 2015 when I would have been paid in full. I was thinking that i should obtain a document showing that AFS went BK. I checked my credit report and it shows no collections, with a score of 733. in January I financed a new car with a 4% rate. What are your thoughts?

          Thanks again,


          • Michael Bovee says

            Did Nelson and Kennard tell you Arrow Financial Services filed bankruptcy?

            From what you shared, you are in the clear with any credit reporting damage from a judgment being entered as a result of having not made payments consistent with the Stipulation. I really do not see any danger area for you unless a legitimate purchaser of your judgment steps up. If that happens, please let me know on or offline.

  52. skyking159 says

    Hi Michael,
    I am selling my house in florida and I find I have a judgement against me for 7,700 plus interest since oct 12 2006
    I have been told by the title company that this needs to be settled on or before closing.
    I have tried to find a contact for this and the law firm that handled the case no longer handles arrow financial and arrow financial numbers are all disconnected. I called resurgent capital and they told me to call centerpoint legal and their website is down and phone numbers are disconnected as well.
    thanks for the advice

    • Michael Bovee says

      Sky – Centerpoint Legal may have folded into/changed into Frontline Asset Strategies: 651-621-2800. They can look up anything they have in their system when you call them.

      Tracking down Arrow judgments has been an exercise in futility for many. Please update this thread with what you learn. Given you need to make progress on a transaction, you can pay the balance to the court to release so that you can close.

  53. Michelle Ahumada says

    My husband had a credit card and was taken to court for a judgment with Arrow Financial in 2009. He was then given documents for wage garnishment and total amount was taken from his employment checks. Paid in full in 2010. We have been trying to buy a home and it shows that there is a judgment under his credit, but my husband has had an extensive back ground check done by ICE and it shows on the Arrow Financial account that it has been paid as of 2010, but the judgment remains. I have sent letters with information that account has been paid to credit bureau and was sent a letter that it would stay until 2016. Need help in getting this corrected. I have tried contacting parties to no avail.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Michelle – If the Arrow Financial Services judgment is paid off, it does not lead to it being removed from the credit report. It should show as a satisfied judgment. Judgment debts have a 7 year shelf life from the date of entry in the court (as far as credit reporting goes).

      A satisfied judgment would not necessarily hold you back from a home purchase after 3 years of it being paid off. Is there anything else on the credit reports weighing down the score or underwriting guidelines?

  54. Jeff Holcomb says

    I was suedd by Arrow for a debt that wasn’t mine. They dropped the suit when I replied to the summons that it was not my debt. Now LVNV is using Northland Group to try to get me to pay the debt. What can I do to finally get this stopped and off of my credit?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Jeff – You are going to want to dispute this debt with Northland Group and LVNV. A simple letter outlining the circumstances sent certified mail return receipt to both should suffice. Part of that letter should demand that the debt be removed from your credit report. Do that first. If any collection efforts persist, or the account stays on your credit report after 60 days, post an update to this comment string and lets go from there.

  55. Gabby says

    i have a credit card debt that was sold to arrow financial, but i was told the company had closed so i kind of forgot about it and i never heard anything from anyone…i recently just got a letter in the mail saying that i have a judgement against me and they will be taking 10% off each check i get from my employer, i called and they said i couldn’t have a settlement at this point so i accepted it and 2 weeks later i get a call from my bank saying that all my accounts have been frozen and i now have a zero balance (one of my accounts is a joint account and that’s frozen too and its not even my money. what can i do??? any advice would be really appreciated

    • Michael Bovee says

      Gabby – Who is collecting? What is the name of the attorney debt collection firm pursing the garnishment and bank account levy. Answer that and lets go from there.

  56. Michelle Ahumada says

    Thank you Mr. Bovee, I’ve been told that I needed to try to have it removed. But we do have proof that it’s been paid on our credit report. There were some debt that has since been paid. I will relay all this info to my realtor. Thank you again.

  57. Quincy says

    Hello Michael, Arrow Financial Services had a judgment against me in 2009 , I have since made effort to make payments on the debt but i stopped making payment on the judgment a little over a year ago due to unemployment but recently I’ve been trying to work on my credit and I’ve been trying to get in touch with them to no avail, please kindly advice how do i track the account and if i do can the balance on the account be re negotiated to the a lower payoff amount? Thank you. I reside in Texas.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Quincy – Have you contacted LVNV/Resurgent customer service number in the above article? I would start there and post a comment with what you find out. If they have it, you can settle direct with them.

  58. Quincy says

    Thanks for your prompt response ,i actually just saw the number but they close already, I ‘ll try tomorrow Thanks. In regards to my other question do you think its possible to re negotiate the amount? Thanks,

    • Michael Bovee says

      Quincy – It is possible to negotiate a lower payoff amount on judgments. More so when the judgment has not been collected on for some time. The target amount you can realistically settle for will depend on a few things. Your first goal will be to determine who has the judgment, and I can offer feedback from there.

  59. Quincy says

    Hello Michael,
    I was able to get in touch with LVNV and the confirmed that they have my account. But the lady I spoke to was not helpful and was rude , I tried getting the balance on the account but she kept asking me to accept liability on the account. Please advice on how to proceed from here.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Quincy – I would call back in and go through the motions of answering their questions, stating that you are not in the best financial shape, but are trying to put the pieces of your financial life back together. You are not in any position personally to make payments or a pay off, but may have some financial help available to you, and you need to get all the details of the debt so you can sit down and put a plan together. Look at the call as a fact finding mission and not a call you are making to negotiate. You do not have to get this stuff done in one call. Post an update with the amount owed and the details you learn and lets go from there.

  60. Quincy says

    Hello Michael, Thank so much I called back and I was able to get a settlement amount which I paid off today . I feel so relieved thanks for your help.

  61. Geri says

    michael i want more info on AFS because i was sued in Dec. 28, 09, file bankrupty inSept 21, 12 an opt out of the bankrupty in3/ 13. now i’m trying to include AFS in a loan to pay off but i can’t find who owns the paper. i was told that Resurgent own it as of9/23/13 called them they told me it was sold to Insolve Recovery 10-24-12 they tell me they don’t have it either. What can i do? or how can i find who owns the paper?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Geri – Is this a judgment debt? Yours sounds like an easier file than those whose accounts have a trail the ended with Arrow Financial Services. You at least have crumbs to follow after Arrow closed. Have you looked at your credit report for any additional entries regarding the account? Are there any recent inquiries in credit report from known debt collectors/buyers?

      One of the specialists I have referred people to for many years is having success working with people to locate and resolve old arrow debts. But lets see if I can help you first. Post answers to my questions and lets go from there.

  62. yvonne says

    Hi Michael Bovee,
    I hope even though its September that you will still be able to answer this or help with whatever info you can provide. My husband received an ADP wage garnishment envelope filled with like 100pgs of a court order for wage garnishment. It was for debt to Arrow Financial. Our employer (we work for the same company) sent a letter stating that they went to court on his behalf as Garnishee/rep and that wages will be garnished for this debt of about 5grand. The thing is, this debt is listed under my previous married name (previous marriage), was originally mailed to my ex-husband (he never gave us the mail) and was debt that was mine before my current husband and I were married. So his court order is under my old name with him listed as my husband, as if it is joint debt. We reside in AZ, I know AZ is a community property state, but this was debt I had prior to our marriage. How is it that our employer and Arrow FS and the Court, order a wage garnishment for him only? How do we go about fixing this? Can our HR dept. do anything? Also can they garnish his wages if he has garnishment for child support every paycheck as well? We really will have next to nothing to live off of!

    • Michael Bovee says

      yvonne – Arrow Financial Services closed up. Someone else owns that debt now. Can you post a reply with who it is that is shown as collecting on this in the garnishment order?

      The way I read your comment, you were never served, and only now are learning about the fact that there was a lawsuit. Is that correct?

      You can typically only have one garnishment going at a time. But there are still real issues to deal with hear. Please answer my questions and lets go from there.

  63. Meri W says

    I am looking for some help with Arrow Financial that is keeping me from buying a house. We live in Iowa and back in 5/07 there was a judgement against my husband and I that we knew nothing about that was from Arrow via a credit card from Washington Mutual that we knew nothing about as well. We never received anything from Arrow or the courts about this judgement against us. After pulling my free credit reports this judgement does not show on our Equifax or Experian or Trans Union. But when the bank pulled our credit report it does show. We are trying to get a VA loan that we are eligible for minus this stupid judgement. On the judgement it stated that both my husband and my employment was unknown and that my husband wasn’t a in the military which he was in the National Guards and back from deployment. Again we didn’t even know anything about this and we never had a credit card from Washington Mutual (never even heard of them til we got the paper work from the courts). I just don’t understand how my credit reports I got from free annual page can be so different from what my bank is pulling. And I have to mention that even on all of the credit reports Washington Mutual is NOT on any of our reports either. I have accounts on my reports that have been closed for almost 2 decades that show but something that is supposedly from 2005 doesn’t?

    Thanks for reading hope you can help me shed some light on this.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Meri – This is going to take some doing to unravel. With no Arrow Financial to contact you will likely have to work through the courts. What part of Iowa are you in? I can help you locate an attorney with a practice that focuses on this kind of thing.

      • Meri W says

        Thanks Michael. We Are in Council Bluffs Iowa. I have also”hired” Lexington Law. I have been doing so much research and feeling more knowledgable now. Wish we would have known about this. Just so much seems fishy!

        • Michael Bovee says

          Meri, I sent you an email with contact info to several experienced attorneys. They are all I found with the experience you need with your issue. But distance does not have to be an issue in some cases like this. Please let me know how things develop.

          Lexington Law is not necessarily bad at helping with credit reporting issues. I just would not expect a result from them on what you have going with the judgment issue. Not for their normal fee, and not without an experienced attorney in your state.

  64. Aaron Jackson says

    We paid off an old debt and received a letter saying they wound release a lein on the title through Arrow we can’t find the letter and now that we want to sell the vehicle we can’t because of the lien still on it and Arrow is now closed how can we get another copy of the letter in order to get it removed?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Aaron – Does the record of the judgment in the court Arrow Financial sued you in show the judgment as satisfied/paid? If so, you can work with that. Let me know and lets go from there.

  65. jennifer says

    Me and my husband are trying to refi our home apparently when the pulled the title work there are lien/judgements from arrow financial that had to have been placed in the last 6 years since I purchased the home. The only issue I have is that Me nor my husband have ever defaulted on anything ever we have always paid everything on time I have read a lot about this company and there are quite a few claims going around about how they are a ghost debt collector. Question being how am I supposed to get something that does not even belong to me removed from a company no one can find because they supposedly no longer exist but yet all of the sudden there are a tons of claims they recently placed.

    • Michael Bovee says

      jennifer – I would start by getting a copy of the lien. Follow that up with a copy of the judgment entry from the court. It would also be good to know who the attorney was that handled the case, and if different, the attorney that was responsible for the lien (if not an automatic event in your county). Also pull your credit report and see if any account is listed there as a judgment or collection account.

      Arrow Financial Services is gone, but there are still steps you can take to fix the situation. Post what you find in a follow up comment and lets go from there.

  66. Ben says

    I was told by the BBB that all of Arrows debts have been written off. That letters were sent out. I did not see mine but I am bad with mail. Do you know if there is any truth in this?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Ben – A mix of things occurred with debts purchase by Arrow Financial. Some accounts were sold to other debt buyers, some people received no letters from Arrow about their debt being written off, but later received notice from the IRS that Arrow had notified the agency about forgiving the debt, and unfortunately, many people have no way to track down what Arrow did with their account. Can you email me the information for who you spoke with at the BBB, and at what number? You can email the same address you get this comment notification from.

  67. Dyanna says

    Arrow Financial has a lien on my home since 2010 for my ex-husband that I knew nothing about until now when I’m trying to sell it, of course. Thing is, he never was on the title, deed or mortgage to the home, I bought it before we were married. Now I can’t figure out how to get this lien off. HELP!!!!

    • Michael Bovee says

      Dyanna – Are you at a point where you have an offer and a title company is trying to clear? What state are you in?

  68. Bill Long says

    My wife has a judgement from “ARROW FINANCIAL SERVICES.” We called LVNV with the docket number and amount, etc, and they have NO KNOWLEDGE of this whatsoever.

    Now what do we do? How can we find out who owns the rights to the LIEN now?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Bill – I can offer some feedback, but first some questions: How old is the judgment? What is the name of the attorney that sued on behalf of Arrow Financial? What is the judgment amount? What is the goal that leads to your seeking to resolve the judgment now?

      • bill long says

        The Attorney of Record is Blatt Hasenmiller Leibsker, in Indianapolis

        I call them, they said they filed the judgement on behalf of Resurgent, and no longer handled the case for them.

        Called Resurgent (aka LVNV) and they have no immediate record. They request I fax the docket number and all the information I have to them, which I have done, and am now waiting for a response.

        If they can find documentation trail that they own the judgement, fine, we’ll make a deal with them. But if they don’t, now what? There’s nobody to pay to get the judgement off. I will have to file a motion with the court and reopen the case, but this could take months. Thankfully my broker has a trick up his sleeve that might negate the importance of all of this.

  69. Mark Holyoke says

    Hi Michael,

    I am trying to buy a home, and like many others have found that I have a judgement on my credit report run from Arrow Financial. It is from 2007, The Law Offices of Howard Lee Schiff were handling my collections, which were satisfied in 2009. I also have an Order Nisi For Dismissal from a local court from 2009, stating that the case has been settled and dismissed. The judgement on my credit report still shows as “not satisfied”, even though in speaking with the court as well as a representative at Howard Lee Schiff state that it is. How can I get this removed, or the status changed, from my credit report? Thank you in advance.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Mark – You will want to send a written dispute to the credit reporting agencies.The letter can be as simple as “I am disputing the accuracy of the Arrow Financial Services judgment you show on my credit report. Your information is neither current or correct. This judgment has been satisfied since 2009 and should show zero balance owed. See attached documentation I have included from the court record for your convenience. Please also see the offending credit report item highlighted that I am bringing to your attention for correction. Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated”.

      Put together all of the documentation that you have that shows the judgment is satisfied, send to the credit reporting agencies showing the Arrow judgment. Use certified mail return receipt. Keep a copy of everything for your own records. You should get a response from the credit bureaus within 30 days. If there is any outcome other than the correction, post an update comment and lets go from there.

  70. Wanda says


    I am trying to refinance my house. There are two judgments (which I did not know about) on the house from Arrow Financial Services, LLC. These are against my husband who passed away more than 3 1/2 years ago. The credit in question was solely in my husbands name. The attorney representing Arrow Financials said to contact them but they are no longer around. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Wanda – Have you contacted LVNV or Resurgent (the number is in the above article), to see if they purchased the debt?

      If they do not have it, one of the specialists in the network is having some success in assisting people with this type of scenario, call 800-939-8357 and ask for Steve.

  71. trina says

    Hello Michael,

    I have a similar scenario then a lot of people of the post. However; I am the real estate agent representing the seller who has a judgment on title that is preventing us for closing. The orginial lender was Employment Services, Inc T/A Tidewater Tech-Chesapeake. Tidewater Tech was sold the Centura College who sold the account (for my seller) to Arrow Financial in 2006. This judgment is not showing on my clients credit report, but it’s preventing us from closing. A court judgment was placed against my seller for $216 with 18% interest on 2/18/00. We live in VA. How long is the judgment debt for Virginia? Does it start from the original judgment in ’00 or when the account was sold in ’06 to Arrow? The buyer is going to rehab the house and sell it within 6 months, so I’m trying to get this resolved for all parties. What are your thoughts?

    • Michael Bovee says

      The limitations on the enforceability of a judgment in Virginia would start from the date it was entered in the court, not when sold to Arrow Financial services. Judgment debt can be renewed in VA for quite some time:

      § 8.01-251. Limitations on enforcement of judgments.

      A. No execution shall be issued and no action brought on a judgment, including a judgment in favor of the Commonwealth and a judgment rendered in another state or country, after 20 years from the date of such judgment or domestication of such judgment, unless the period is extended as provided in this section.

      The interest will have inflated that 216.00 quite a bit to say the least. Resolving the debt will involve finding it first (not necessarily a small task if you have read through the comments above). Once located the debt needs to be negotiated to a reasonable payoff amount. How collectable the seller looks on paper will often come in to play.

      I would encourage you to call in for a free consult – 800-939-8357. Ask for Steve, as he has had some good results with tracking down Arrow debts.

  72. maria says

    there’s a title report with a judgment on it with Arrow financial services llc from 2010 and the property is being sold short sale. how do we get this removed?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Maria – What is the balance owed on the Arrow judgment? What is the debtors ability to raise a percentage of that to settle it?

  73. Lauren says

    I need a zero balance statement for a payment I made to Arrow Financial in the year 2000. How do I obtain that?

    Thank you.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Lauren – Arrow Financial Services no longer exists. What is the current concern? Are there new collection efforts for a debt you know you paid to Arrow back then? Did something pop up on your credit report (something this old should not have)? Is there a judgment from way back you resolved?

      • Lauren says

        I am applying for a job with the NYPD and they are requesting I show proof of payment for that particular debt and will not accept a copy of my credit report as proof

        • Michael Bovee says

          Lauren – One of the specialists has had good success tracking down solutions for Arrow accounts. I would suggest you call 800-939-8357 tomorrow after 10 am est. Ask for Steve if he is not who picks up. Let him know the situation and our comment exchange here. See if he can offer some actionable info.

  74. Michelle says

    Mr. Bovee, I have a similar situation with a client of mine…however there is not a judgment filed, only a mortgage. We are handling a closing (refi) where there is a second mortgage unreleased. The mortgage was originally with National City Banke with no assignments of record. When you contact National City nka PNC Bank they say the lien was sold to Arrow Financial. I found an email for Arrow Bank/Arrow Financial which I have sent an inquiry to (no reply yet, but did get a read receipt ). We are contacting the client to see if she has any paperwork showing the lien paid in full, but I saw this thread and wanted to post a question. I have also given my client the LVNV phone number. Let’s say the borrower cannot find proof of payment and LVNV does not have any information on this lien, can you provide another suggestion? I know in the past I have gotten a mortgage release from the FDIC, but provided payment information. This property is in Ohio.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Michelle – If none of what how you have approached this so far leads to resolution, call 800-939-8357 and ask for Steve. He has had good success helping resolve Arrow Financial issues that have fallen through the cracks.

  75. geri johnson says

    i’m trying to refinance my house and i have ajudgement from Arrow back in 2003 now i cant’ find out who owns the paper . i try all the places that the attoenys gave me starting with Resurgentet who told me i was not in there system. ideas on what else i can do

    • Michael Bovee says

      Geri – Similar to my feedback to Michelle, call in and talk to Steve about your situation with Arrow, and your goals and timelines: 800-939-8357

  76. Brian says

    I had a judgement against me and my ex by arrow finance and it’s still showing on my credit report as such. If arrow has sold out then why is it still showing them on my credit report. Am also wondering when they closed. I also need to know how to proceed since according to divorce we were to split the bill equally. I would like to cover my half but even if I do it will still show up because she hasn’t. How can I fix my credit if I pay my part but her part us leaving me in a bad light. Will LVNV possibly have my contract now.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Brian – Arrow Financial Services wound down over a year ago. The judgment on your credit report is a result of the court record, which is public. Most judgments stay on the credit report for 7 years from the date of entry in the court record. What was the date of the judgment?

      While the divorce may have split the debts up as part of that decree, it really has no impact on how you are viewed as liable for this. You could pay the judgment off in full, and then seek money from your ex spouse in or out of the court.

      Depending on how old the judgment debt is (and other factors), you may be able to settle it for half and be done with it. But as you can tell from the many comments above, you must first locate the debt owner. And yes, it is possible LVNV has it, and can help you resolve this. If that is not the case, I would encourage you to call in and talk to Steve for more help at 800-939-8357.

  77. BEN says


    I have just been served with a garnishment from a law firm saying that they represent Arrow financial.
    How can they show representing a company that has gone out of business? Is there any thing I can do?
    I will be talking with a lawyer today.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Ben – Arrow may be gone, but that does not mean the judgment disappears. Your debt was likely sold to some other company (like LVNV/Resurgent). The judgment is still collectable. Why the attorney is referencing Arrow Financial may be due to them being listed in the court as the judgment creditor, but that is something you should take up with the attorney you are talking to.

      FYI – Not all attorneys will be experienced with debt collection issues. Be sure you are speaking with someone experienced in debt defense. If you need help locating someone with the experience you need, post the name of a nearby city and I will email you contact info I find.

        • Michael Bovee says

          Ben – I sent you an email with contact details to an experienced attorney. Distance does not have to be an issue in this type of thing, so take advantage of the no cost initial consult.

  78. kelly says

    I had judgements against me from this company and the irs came after me saying that last year this company gave me 5000.00 and that I didn’t claim it on my taxes. I have never had a credit and fought it with the irs. The irs waited 60 for them to respond to my request and revived nothing. So irs closed my case and said I didn’t owe any taxes for that 5000.00. I never received. So now that u have posted that they sold to another company where does that leave me.

    • Michael Bovee says

      kelly – It sounds like your Arrow Financial judgment was one they wrote off and did not sell. Otherwise, they would not have sent the IRS a 1099c. Not that the Arrow portfolio wind down went off without a hitch. You can see from this thread, and all the comments, that there were many people left in a lurch.

      Here is what I would suggest:

      Look up your case in the court record and determine if the judgment is still show as unresolved. What are the last couple docket entries in the case?
      If the case shows unresolved, call LVNV and determine if they indeed purchased this account. If not, post an update with what you learn. You will then need to take steps to deal with the court record.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Be sure you check the box to receive email updates to comments when you post. That way you will get am email when there are updates to this post, and get comment alerts specific to the pages you are participating in on this site.

  79. kelly says

    If the irs is saying u owe taxes for money that u received from arrow you can dispute it through the irs. The irs will send them a letter asking them what Documents they have on you arrow will have 60 days to respond to the irs request. And from all information I have gathered from the bbb and other Web sites and first hand knowledge they will not respond or show any proof. So I was cleared through the irs and did not have to pay any taxes. The irs closed my case. Arrow said that they gave me 5000.00 two yrs ago that I didn’t claim as income they sent me a 1099 for consultation of debit. I have never had a credit card in my name. Supposedly this company has placed judgements on people without notifying the person they r going after. I found out they usually are for credit cards. Well I knew it was not me because I have never had a card in my name. So you need to dispute it w the irs.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Thanks for the additional detail Kelly. Yours is not a very common occurrence, but there are indeed instances where debt collectors sue the wrong person. And oh too many instances where a debt collector will sue for a legitimate debt, but never properly serve the debtor.

      Curious… was there ever a judgment on your credit report from this? That would be further insult to injury, but if you have not looked at that, I would (given what has already transpired).

  80. sharon says

    Arrow finance has lien against fathers house in illinois from 6yrs ago he is dying of cancer and wants to leave house to children what should we do

    • Michael Bovee says

      sharon – I am sorry to hear about that. I wish you and your family the best as you progress through this.

      Dealing with the Arrow Financial lien by settling, or paying it off in full now, will make things less complicated in the transfer. What is the amount of the judgment?

  81. Shane says

    How can I get an explanation of charges? I have 2 judgements on my credit report, one from Arrow in 7/2009, and then one from Midland in 7/2010, and I believe they are they same account, but for different amounts. The docket numbers are different, and as of Nov/13 I just got an alert (today) that said I have a Midland LLC going into collections for the same amount of the updated 7/2010 amount. I legitimately have no idea what the original debt was even for, or if I have been duped into accepting it by not disputing it when they offered me a settlement. A little confused on how to proceed.

    -I have read this page for the past hour and am blown away at the reposnses here, you guys are GREAT

    • Michael Bovee says

      Shane – Given your concerns about being sued by two collectors for the same debt, and not even being sure about the debt being yours, I have more questions than answers. I encourage you to call and talk with a specialist one on one at 800-939-8357. No cost for the call, and I think that would be a much quicker way to dig into the details.

  82. paidinfull says

    I need to know how I can get this company off my credit report it has been past 7 years and I paid them off with settlement offer.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Is the Arrow Financial on your credit report related to a judgment on the debt? If so, what is the date of the judgment in the court record?

      If no judgment, when was the last payment made to the original creditor?

  83. Jake Richard says

    Hello, I work for a title company and am atteptting to obtain a release for a client. What other companies bought Arrow Financial when it was sold? Thank you.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Jake – I have not identified any other partial buyers of the Arrow Financial Portfolio to date. One of the specialists in the network has been having good success in tracking down long lost files. You can reach Steve at 800-939-8357.

  84. WJ says

    I am wondering / hoping to have a ‘way out’ or ‘way through’ …
    AFS Assignee of Providian received default judgment against me for a credit card debt.
    Judgment entered January of 2008.
    I wish I had known then what I know now as I would have never let that happen.
    As it is, I had many more things going on and this is my last sole debt that is owed, been moved, they’ve called, they’ve tried, etc for years to collect but it never happened.
    In late 2012, maybe October/November I received notice from my employer that they had received paperwork to proceed with garnishment. So as I felt I was stuck I figured here we go… I’ll just ride it out.
    In November the first pull happened from my paycheck, then in December nothing was garnished(?)
    I asked my controller why not and the reply was that the garnishment had been cancelled. I asked why, but of course they don’t know, I then promptly received court paperwork indicating I no longer had any obligation to that garnishment as it was cancelled.
    Well, I was relieved, and just let it go. Dumb, yes, but its a learning process.
    Early 2013 I was contacted by same attorney (previous garnishment) that was doing this work for AFS in an effort to try and collect again. My thought was simple, if they actually had legal options to pursue garnishment once, why drop it? And if they can do it once, why wouldn’t they just do it again? Well they threatened but never did anything. I really felt this was compelling as why drop it and then why not come after me again? My gut really felt that something was afoul, but as everything costs money to dig and get answers I have just never done anything about it.
    I am assuming the garnish was dropped as right about that time Arrow went belly-up.
    So as they dropped the ball and went out of business, which ultimately caused more time to elapse, can I make them responsible for the additional time, interest and fees?
    Enter late 2013, there is now a new kid on the block, newer attorney, threatening and attempting to collect this debt, this judgment, again. As it has gone from an original judgment to AFS, then I guess LVNV, one attempt at garnish then drop, now off to another attorney, there simply must be something on my side to get this massive interest/fee add-on reduced if not have this whole judgment thrown out altogether.
    I just have no idea how to proceed but the amount is huge.
    Can I go straight to LVNV and ‘settle’ for even less than the judgment?

    • Michael Bovee says

      WJ – The time to fight the judgment would have been some years ago. I would say the odds of getting a 6 year old judgment vacated are slim to none.

      You can settle judgment debts. The amount you can negotiate will vary based on many factors. You can read more about settling judgment debts here.

      As for how to proceed… first things first. Can you pool together the money to settle this in a single payment? Example – what if you settled for 50% tomorrow? Can you access that kind of money, and if so, how long would it take?

      • WJ says

        First, in the numerous hours of searching I have done in the past I wish I had found you guys first, what a great site and what a great service you do….with that out of the way…

        Let us say the judgment is $5000 and with all the nonsense fees etc it has ballooned to $10,000. I can, with one swoop, hand them the $5000. But, do I deal with the ‘attorney’ who is ‘attempting to collect a debt’ or should I go straight to LVNV and deal direct?

      • WJ says

        Quick question, first, I can do a one lump sum payment of the actual court judgment $5k. The “accrued” interest and penalties is $10k. If I can do a one time payment of the court ordered judgment do I negotiate that with the collecting attorney or go straight to LVNV funding? And do you think they’ll play ball?

        • Michael Bovee says

          Sorry I missed the post on the second WJ. I would start by going to LVNV to negotiate a settlement. They may tell you the account has been placed, and who to contact if you need to resolve the debt through someone else.

          In my experience they will play ball. I have always found LVNV to be one of the more reasonable and easier to work with debt collectors out there. People doing this on their own, like you, report back the same for the most part.

            • WJ says

              Interesting info this afternoon.
              I called LVNV directly and they informed me that the account had been placed with an Attorney. Which I knew, but they named an office that in all my travels I had not yet heard of; Investinet.
              So I guess now my settlement offer will have to go through them, have you heard of them? Any advice?

              • Michael Bovee says

                WJ – I cannot recall ever having negotiated a file with Investinet. Pretty sure I would remember a settlement with an outfit by that name. You can call in and talk to other specialists about their experience at 800-939-8357. Someone may have handled some more recent files involving Investinet.

                Getting your deal negotiated is no different than following the tips outlined above, and more specifically in the post I linked to about settling judgment debts. Post an update with how things develop, or if you hit a road block.

  85. myles says

    I would just like to know want to know if there is a percentage of the debt that I would try to get it down to. My original line of credit was 500 and they want nearly 5x that what should I do?

    • Michael Bovee says

      myles – How you go about negotiating a reduced pay off, which is common, depends on who has the debt, for how long it has remained unpaid, and other key bits of information.

      Are you dealing with an account once being collected by Arrow Financial? If so, is it a judgment? If not an account with Arrow, please post more about what, and who you are dealing with, in a comment reply.

  86. Jason says

    Hello Michael,

    I am writing to get your assistance on a few things- I am trying to locate a legit contact number for Arrow Financial Services, can you please provide me with a (working) contact number for them? If they have been m’bought’ out or no longer operate under that name can you please provide me with updated information & contact number? Lastly I have a civil judgment on my credit report that I was just made aware of from a previous situation from a merchant (who sold this debt), I have made every attempt to reconcile this situation IF the merchant or debt creditors/collectors can provide me with proof of bill of sale, credit card or even credit card number (which I haven’t ever received- reason for debt) knowing that they will be 100% unable to provide me with such info. / proof is it possible for me to have this judgement lifted off my credit report? If so what steps should I take? And how long do you estimate this process to be?

    Thanking you in advance for you guidance & help-

    • Michael Bovee says

      Jason – Fill out the consult form in the sidebar of any page on this site and submit. Be sure to put a reference to Arrow. I will send that over to Steve for you guys to connect. He has had good success sleuthing out options for people to manage situations like yours.

      Arrow Financial Services is gone, but much of their portfolio of debts were sold off.

      Your reference to making every effort to reconcile this with the conditions you set actually means not reconciling it – if you understand late stage debt collections the way it has existed up to 2013 (for the most part).

      • Jason says


        I just filled out a consult form to get some help with my situation. Hopefully a specialists contacts me soon and can truly offer assistance (free) and quick because this issue I have has stopped me from obtaining an apartment. My remaining question is- if I made a request to arrow financial (back when they existed) to provide me with proof of the credit card billing statement, credit card or even account number and they could not; then they get a judgement placed against me how is this all possible when I never received court papers? And being that they can not provide any proof of billing can everything be lifted in a short time span?

        • Michael Bovee says

          Jason – I sent that consult request on to Steve. I cannot speak to whether he will offer free hands on help, he does consults free though, so take him up on that.

          How Arrow Financial Services failed to respond to a timely debt validation request; then sued; never properly served you; all is probably going to be moot at this point because of how long it has been since the judgment entry. Perhaps the state you live in could make hiring an attorney to undo what happened all those years ago more viable than states that only allow judgment set asides and the like for a year or two. Steve can help you determine next steps.

          Nothing can be done in a short time span (if short is measured in days). Well, other than walking into the court and paying the full judgment amount plus any legal interest that has accumulated, so that the court record can be updated to show the judgment as satisfied.

          • Jason says

            Hello Michael-
            Sorry to bother you again but you seem to be one of very few ppl who can provide clear direction on what ppl should do next. So I spoke with Steve briefly and he had advised me to obtain a copy from the courts (here in NYC) of my judgment & case before I can move forward. So I did just that (2 months ago) and the court being the court told me I had to fill out a form to obtain the papers from the warehouse (because papers pre-date 2010) and I would have to contact them again after 14 WEEKS to obtain my copy. I have 2.5 weeks left I believe- but just 2 weeks ago I was contacted by the company who bought my debt/judgement from Arrow Financial and they have threatened to garnish my wages. I told them what I told you, steve & the courts that about my case and that I have NOT received any letter to appear in court, how I never received the bill for the purchase of the two stereos, etc. I spoke with other credit counselors and even the collectors who all say that I should settle on the case and just make the payment BUT I’m choosing to fight because what they are asking for FAR exceeds the amount of what the items (2 stereos cost). Long story short I opened up the account with PC Richards to receive the discount on the stereos; stereos cost me $400-470 MAX but the collectors are requesting $1,600 (fluctuating amount but nothing below $1,350). What can/should I do? I would like to protect my only income from being garnished & also desire to fight this case. What are my options & chances of coming out on top? FYI I did fax Arrow Finabcial years ago about this amount not being correct, about but receive being ANY notice of the bill, account number OR card. Lastly that I did make an attempt by going back to the store 2x and calling- all claimed computer failure but I won’t get hit with late fees. And if the courts would check I have a CLEAN record of credit! Never once been late, etc

            • Michael Bovee says

              Jason – I want to be sure I understand one part of your comment before offering any feedback. Are you saying you were never served and knew not a whit of the lawsuit until sometime down the road after judgment was entered?

  87. Billy says

    I have a judgment against me ln 09 with arrow out of business Washington Mutual is the original creditor out of business LVNV is trying to garnish my check what can I do in Naples Florida

    • Michael Bovee says

      Billy – There are head of household and other exemptions available to you in Florida. You will want to look into how you qualify. But the judgment is not going anywhere, so I would also be looking at how to resolve it. How much is owed on it today?

      • Billy says

        5000 I spoke with the attorney a few minutes ago I told him that I qualify for the exemption and he said so what can I pay I said only $50 every two week ok let me speak to my clients and I’ll get back to you can I just go straight to lvnv workout maybe if I said I have like a thousand dollars you accepted to clear in

        • Michael Bovee says

          Settling with the attorney for LVNV on the Arrow judgment for 1k is possible, but not probable at first contact like this, or at all. If it were me, I were not in a hurry, and 1k is all I could offer, I would try to negotiate that deal now, and if unsuccessful, try again in 60 to 90 day intervals.

  88. Brandon says

    Hi Michael,

    I settled a credit card debt with Arrow in 2009, however it appears that Arrow never reported the debt as settled and it still appears on my credit report? What course of action do I have in this matter?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Brandon – How is it exactly appearing? What is the balance due showing? Do you happen to know the year and month you first missed a payment toward the underlying debt that Arrow later bought?

      You have some dispute options. The direction you go with that could depend on the answers to my questions above.

  89. carrie says

    I was sued By Arrow Financial Servies, LLC on 01/10/2011. I had a credit card with them on 11/29/2009- I have not had the money to pay it back and have not heard anything more of this.. Do I still owe this money?

      • Michael Bovee says

        carrie – You may. Judgment debt can last a long time, and it can be renewed very simply in most states, and last even longer. What state are you in?

        • carrie says

          Michigan, they just garnished my income taxes. but I still owe lots more money to them, the name on the account is Arrow Financial Services llc Shermeta Adams & Von Allme PC . I wish there was to pay them off, but as a single mom with 3 teens and a part time job, it is next to impossible:(

  90. Everard says

    Hello. I’ve been fighting a matter that comes as a result of identity theft. Sometime in 2007 I got a notice about a credit card that didn’t belong to me. I promptly reported the matter to the issuer, HSBC. Since that time the account got sold to Capital 1, who then sold it to ARROW FINANCIAL. All this time I’ve still been fighting this matter. I just saw online that Arrow Financial is out of business. This would definitely explain why I’v not gotten a reply from this company in years. All I want to do is have the negative item(s) removed from my credit report. HSBC as well as Capital 1 both say I must go to “Arrow”. What can I do?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Everard – If Arrow Financial Services shows up on your credit report, what is the date they are showing as it falling off? Did you send a written dispute to the credit reporting agencies about this? If so, what was the date of that dispute, and what was their response?

  91. GB says

    I cleared a debt with Arrow and they were supposed to send me the title of the vehicle. Now that they closed shop, how am I supposed to get the title? Thanks for any and all help.

    • Michael Bovee says

      GB – Can you offer more detail as to what happened with Arrow Financial Services and when? Were you sued and judgment entered? Please be as specific as you can so that I can target my feedback.

  92. DJ says

    Hi, Mike
    I have a Judgement from Arrow Financial Serv., that I did not know about til last year.
    apparently is was served back in 2008 (was my grandmother who was served in my behalf??) but was unaware. What is the first step I need to do if Arrow Financial isn’t around? Trying to care of this ASAP.


    • Michael Bovee says

      DJ – Are you prepared to pay or settle the Arrow Financial judgment for less? Are you under any time crunch to deal with this?

        • Michael Bovee says

          Okay. I would first contact Resurgent (LVNV Funding) at the number in the original article above. Give them the info they need to look up your account if they have it as part of their purchase of Arrow Financial debts, then negotiate accordingly. You can review some tips and cautions for negotiating judgment debt here.

          If Resurgent Capital does not have this debt, post an update and lets go from there.

  93. Jessica says

    I have a civil judgement showing on my credit report from Arrow Financial. Do civil judgements ever come off your credit report? If they do after 7 years, it would come in June of 2015. If not, I don’t know who to contact to attempt to resolve the debt and have the civil judgement removed from my credit report. Should I contact the Law Office that Arrow used when they sued me for damages? Seems like contacting the credit card company where the money was originally owed is of no use since Arrow bought the debt. I don’t want to do anything that would further negatively impact my credit score.

    • Jessica says

      Just to add, the judgement was in Massachusetts. I have never had a lien, garnishment, etc filed against me for the debt. The original debt was with Washington Mutual Bank. I fear contacting LVNV Funding, as I don’t want them to process a lien or garnishment now. However, if that is my only option, I will. I am not in a position to pay the full balance due, but would be willing to negotiate a payment or payment plan.
      Thank you in advance.

        • Jessica says

          The original debt was about $5500. I’ll have to contact the attorney’s office they farmed it out to for what it totals now. I read a really helpful article on (free legal help) that gave step by step instructions on negotiating a settlement amount. I guess I’ll start there and see how it goes. I’m hoping to negotiate down to about 30 to 50% of the original debt amount (which according to this article is reasonable, given that debt collection companies buy the debt for 1 to 2% of the total).

          • Jessica says

            I contacted the attorney’s office that is handling the debt and gave them a low ball offer of $800 (total due $5700). They said it would have to be in the range of $3k, which I said was beyond my means. They said in order to present a settlement to the client for less than $3k they would need financial background – my income, if I rent or own, my rent amount and total for other monthly expenses. Does that seem like a reasonable request? Or should I just keep attempting to negotiate without providing that information?

            • Michael Bovee says

              Jessica – Judgments rarely settle for less than what they are asking in my experience. When that does occur, it is normally going to be because it represents the best opportunity to get paid… ever. It is common for the collector to request all the additional details. It is also common to use that information to collect as much as possible, rather than reduce the amount.

              Are you in a limited income situation? If so, how long has that been the case? Is the situation somewhat permanent (fixed income, age, medical causes)?

              You referenced your target being as much as 50% in an earlier comment. That is most likely, regardless of the info you provide (if not supportive of a hardship).

          • Michael Bovee says

            Jessica – What a debt buyer pays for the legal rights to your debt is of little use to you when negotiating a settlement. Even less so when there is a judgment in the courts. The average price for paid debts is not 1 to 2 cents on the dollar. And some debts, like judgment debts (those can be sold too), go for much higher.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Jessica – Judgment debts, with few exceptions, will age off of your credit report after 7 years from the date the judgment was entered into the court record. But once the Arrow judgment is off your credit, it does not go away. It is still out there, and can often be renewed, sometimes indefinitely, but many states have a limit (that limit might be 10 years with a renewal of the judgment for another 10 years for a total of 20 years).

      If you want to resolve the debt, Arrow Financial is out of business. I would call the number for LVNV, or Resurgent Capital, in the original article above. If they purchased the legal right to your debt, they can either help you resolve this directly, or refer you to whoever they have the account placed with for collection. If you go this route, and run into a hitch, post an update and lets go from there.

  94. Jessica says

    I contacted LVNV and they do hold my debt, but they told me I had to contact Rausch, Sturm, Israel, Enerson & Hornik, LLC in order to inquire about my balance or a possible settlement. Does that seem legitimate? Also, if I was going to wait for it to fall off my credit at the seven year mark, would it be detrimental to contact them now? Will they be able to do anything which would result in it staying on my credit report even longer? Also, my mortgage services branch manager says that civil judgements never come off your credit report – is that true? Sorry to have so many follow up comments to my original post. Just trying to work my way through this without making any mis-steps.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Jessica – LVNV uses outside collection agencies, and debt collection lawyers like Rausch, Sturm and the gang. It is very normal for you to be referred to who LVNV placed the debt with.

      If I were prepared to negotiate this debt today, I would not expect anything to be a detriment. I would want to get the settlement outlined in writing, and will be looking for how the agreement outlines how they will update the court. Once the court is updated that the judgment is satisfied, that will filter up to your credit report showing that it is satisfied. If after, say 2 to 3 months, the credit report still does not accurately show a satisfied judgment, you could pursue correcting that with a dispute to the credit reporting agencies.

      As far as judgments coming off of your credit report after 7 years, what state are you in?

  95. S. Harrison says

    Hi Michael. I am in the process of applying for a loan for a new home. When my credit report was pulled it showed a judgement against me dating back to 6/10. I filed for bankruptcy which was discharged in 2010. I listed/included ALL outstanding debt in the bankruptcy so to hear about this judgement is baffling. The judgement is with Arrow Financial so I am unsure of where to begin to clear up this matter. Please help.

    • Michael Bovee says

      S – Get in touch with your bankruptcy attorney about what next step you can take regarding this.

      Did the broker/loan officer you are working with say that the judgment is unresolved and will monkey your ability to get your loan? Is it an issue with all of your credit reports, or just one?

      If you run into a road block after talking your BK attorney, post an update and lets go from there.

  96. Shar says

    Hi Michael. I contacted LVNM to find out if they have an acct picked up from Arrow Financial only to find out they did not. Where else can I check?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Shar – Call in for a consult with Steve. He has had good success with Arrow Financial account location and resolution. Call 800-939-8357.

  97. Brady says

    Hi Michael. I have an odd situation with Arrow. They bought a charged off debt of mine back in 2008. A year later I was served a paper summons with an actual case number. I hired an attorney who responded to them and apparently Arrow never followed through to obtain a judgement. About a year later I was served again at home with a different complaint by the same attorney representing Arrow for the same debt. Again, my lawyer responded to them and after a few back & forth rounds of various calls, faxes, voicemails, emails, etc. the matter sort of died. No judgement was ever taken against me despite having been served paperwork twice.

    Now that Arrow went belly up, LVNV has purchased the account. On my credit report it is LVNV who is reporting this debt. I think my last payment made was sometime in Sept 2008. but I could be wrong and it could have been as late as Sept 2009. I was going through a difficult financial time back then and have no records from my bank or saved in the filing cabinet. I have since changed banks and have no historical account access to my old checking account. The SOL in my state is six years. And my DOFD was sometime around June 2007. That means I am close to having this fall off my credit report at the end of the year and also very close to not worrying about another lawsuit, assuming my last payment was really in June 2008.

    My concern is I am not sure about that last payment date. How can I verify it for sure without contacting LVNV and poking the sleeping monster? I want to buy a home sometime in 2015 but am scared LVNV will try to sue me again for this zombie debt.

    Also, are they still able to go after me again via lawsuit considering the inactivity with the last two “summons” I received? I am not very well versed in credit law but have done some reading on Laches as well as docket inactivity (see: EDIT LINK REMOVED ). Although I do not live in PA, I wonder if this case law helps my situation.

    Thanks for any clarity you may provide.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Brady – Given all of the background detail you provided, I do not think you have much to worry about. I doubt LVNV is going to sue on this debt again. And if they do, your attorney has proven to be adept at chasing off debt collectors.

      Your credit report and estimating the date the account will age off: Which credit reports are you looking at when you see the original creditors entries?

      • Brady says

        Thank you, Michael. That makes me feel better. I am hoping to buy a house in the next year and believe that mortgage shopping will draw LVNV’s attention.

        I began to archive all of my credit reports that I obtain online and via regular mail since 2010. On my older reports, the OC listed DOFD as well as last payment. The OC has previously dropped off my reports and was replaced by Arrow. They used the same DOFD but a different date of last payment, and I am wondering if I made the mistake of paying them once or twice after the OC assigned the account to them. Arrow was adding a lot of interest to the original amount the OC had reported after the account had charge off.

        Arrow is no longer on my reports, but LVNV is. LVNV has since recalculated my balance owed to match the amount previously listed by the OC. It’s all very odd to me.

  98. Linda says

    Hi Michael,
    I was expecting a tax return from my state, only to find out I have a pending garnishment from Arrow Financial for 2K. I called the MI tax creditor and they told me Arrow Financial sold it to an collection attorney Winters. I have no idea what this is, and never received any type of paperwork on this. There is nothing about this on my credit report. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Linda – I would suggest connecting with a specialized consumer debt defense attorney in your area. If you post the name of a nearby larger city, I will look one up and email you what I find.

  99. Kim says

    I am trying to settle a very old debt that was being handled initially by Arrow Financial. They have since begun garnishing my wages. Now that I am a position to get the debt settled, I tried to find Arrow only to come across the news of their folding. I have no idea where the debt landed. I have tried calling a couple of places that I have sseen through this site (LVNV, Cavalry, VanRu), but have not been successful in finding the current collector. What can I do to find them?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Kim – Call in and talk to Steve, a specialist I have worked with for years. He has had good success tracking down Arrow accounts. 800-939-8357

  100. Melissa says

    I have a question, I am very confused, I was told by my employer the other day that they received a phone call regarding my employment status and my wages will be garnished, I had no clue what this was over, so I called the number they gave me and was told it was Arrow Financial for a debt of $8000 from 2005! I found out they had placed a judgment against me in 2008 and was still open, I have never received any phone calls or letters about this debt and now they are stating they are going to send paperwork to garnish my wages. My question is can they garnish my wages for an unsecured credit card debt?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Melissa – It sounds like the garnishment is for an Arrow Financial Services judgment, not for Arrow themselves. It is not that you are simply being garnished for not paying the unsecured debt. The debt is now secured by a judgment, that is enforceable through garnishment in most states.

      You will have to deal with this. Can you pool together money to settle the debt? If not, or even if you can, you will want to look at whether you meet full or partial exemptions from garnishment in your state based on your income and expenses.

  101. Ally says

    Hello Mike,

    I have a judgment on my credit report dated back in 2008. At the time, a family member signed for the summons. Last year I found out Arrow is out of business. I now really want to get this judgment off my credit report ( no patience to wait another year and a half). What should i do? I would certainly settle for 25-30% of the claim amount. Do you know of anyone who was successful at settling judgment in exchange for getting it vacated? Please let me know what you think. I would like to get this taken care of as soon as possible. Thank you.


    • Michael Bovee says

      Ally – I would say you have a zero percent chance of getting this off of your credit report. You would need to identify some legal strategy to get this reopened in the court. That means hiring an experienced debt collection defense attorney. That costs money, and perhaps quite a bit, and with no guarantee of success.

      Why is it you are losing patience. What are your credit goals you are trying to achieve. You may still need to resolve the judgment even if it comes off your credit report.

  102. katie says

    We have the same issue a Ally, my husband has a judgment on his credit report from 2011 but never got paperwork. We don’t even know the original creditor so how do we get this resolved since we are trying to fix our credit to get a house.

    • Michael Bovee says

      katie – You can pull a copy of the judgment from the court record. Once you have that, post an update with the info (creditor and if you agree with balance owed etc) and lets go from there.

      What is your time frame for your goal of buying a home? How many collection entries do you have on your credit reports individually? Are they paid, or unpaid? How long ago were there payments made on any of them?

  103. mary says

    I have an old debt older then 9years on Arrow Financial. They garnished my paycheck and now garnishing my bank account. But now its called something else and now over to The Law Offices of Michol and Johannes. They were sending paperwork to an old address that now elderly is staying at and the elderly couple never returned my mail to post office so law office assumed I got all this paperwork. Well now there is a freeze or hold on my account and law office stated that any penny that comes in to my account will be taken for this debt. When i called them i was so pleasant and told them that if I knew I still had this debt
    i wouldve called earlier to set up a payment plan instead a hold on my account. He started to argue, i assume they are just use to clients complaining and yelling at them, but i just want to get rid of this debt and pay it off with payments as soon as i can. But they took also my boyfriends money which he gets his paycheck direct deposited and he just got his tax return deposited. What should I do? How can i add this debt to my debt consolidation? Can this debt still be collected even after 10years? and can they also hold my account and take my boyfriends money when its only my DEBT??
    thank you for your time.


    • Michael Bovee says

      Mary – Judgment debts do not expire like other debts that are not legally enforceable. And yes, that does mean money in your bank account is at risk.

      How much is the balance owed on the judgment right now? How much did they get from your joint bank account with your boy friend? How much can you come up with to settle the debt in a single payment? What state do you live in?

  104. Susan Gibbs says

    Hi..I hope you can help resolve an issue…My late husband purchased 2 four-wheelers back in 2005 which were financed thru GE Money bank. He was taken to attorney collections in 2008 and I paid off the debt that year after he passed away. I was never sent release of lein documents and now cannot pass the title on because of the stamped lein from GE Money. They cannot help me since the account went with Arrow, and, well, you know where they went. I also contacted the original attorney’s office and they could not help either. I do have their payoff letter but the title agency tells me that doesn’t work because the letter does not reference the account was for the titled four wheelers..just gives the GE Money name and a 16 digit account number. I live in Ohio if that makes a difference. Thanks

    • Michael Bovee says

      Susan – I would encourage you to fill out the contact box on this page. I will forward your information on to Steve, a CRN specialist, who has gotten good results in situations like what you describe.

  105. Debbie says

    Michael, As reading all the comments on your site, I am slowly beginning to realize I have a long road ahead of me. With NO warning, my wages have begun to be garnished as of yesterday. I asked payroll to email a copy of the judgment. To my surprise the original judgment against me was in my former name which I haven’t had since 2001. The judgment was dated Oct. 8, 2007 for Arrow. As I have worked for years at the same place, any loans I had went through my credit union. The newest judgment against me was from LVNV. They got a court order against me in March of 2014.

    My first question will be: how do I find out what the original debt was for so I can know to dispute it or not? And, is there a statute of limitations on debt collections?

    If in fact I have forgotten something of this nature, it certainly would have been at least 14 years ago at a minimum.

    Any help on your part would be greatly appreciated before I invest in an attorney. Thank you…

    • Michael Bovee says

      Debbie – My guess is that LVNV renewed an existing judgment (real easy to do), that was originally and Arrow Financial collections in the court. You can learn more about the original debt Arrow sued for in the court record. Call the clerk of that court and ask how you might access the courts info on line, or go in and view the info at the court house.

      If the garnishment is causing a hardship, you can contest the amount through the court. Ask the clerk about how to do that too.

      If you have an issue with the original judgment (debt not yours or something like that), post an update and lets go from there.

  106. Bill Long says

    Arrow Financial had a judgement against us. Then they went out of business and I couldn’t figure out who to pay to satisfy the judgement years later. I looked up the principle contacts from their LLC records and my lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the judgement based on the fact that Arrow Financial was AWOL and there was no successor for the asset. Nobody from Arrow showed up to court. We got the judgement dropped. Case closed. If you’re having trouble with Arrow in this manner, find a lawyer and take care of business.

    • Michael Bovee says

      don – Call or email Steve, the CRN specialist I just emailed you contact details for. He has been able to help folks either directly, or get them where they need to be.

  107. Jan says


    Just received a call at my office from an “Investigator” claiming she is trying to find me as I am elluding Arrowhead corporation for a loan they provided me in 2009 of $300. The woman said they are going to prosecute me for intent to fraud and failure to pay off a debt. I explained to the woman that I have no idea who Arrowhead corp is and have never taken a loan from them. She said Arrowhead had been trying to contact me for the last 5 years with no luck. I asked her where she got my phone number from and address. She replied Arrowhead. I said “Ok then if they gave you this address and phone number and this is the first time you tried to reach me and actually DID reach me don’t you think its kind of weird they couldn’t reach me.” She replied “Ma’am its because I am an investigator.” I asked her to fax me some proof of this debt and she said she did not have to. Either I arrange payment today or she turns it over to the attorney’s and the State police and they will handle it. My mind is completely blown at this time…and I have no clue what to do.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Jan – Based on what you shared, you are being victimized by a scam debt collector. You did not give them any personal financial information… right?

      Legitimate debt collectors do not say the things that were told to you… pretty much period. You can ignore this if you like. But if it were me, I would file a complaint with your state AG, and the CFPB, providing all available details. It would at least be on their radar.

  108. Craig says


    I have a judgment against me from 2008 and am trying to get a mortgage. They told me this needs to be removed but it was paid off when I got a mortgage for another house back in 2011 (I had quite a few issues on my credit report that were all resolved prior to my getting the loan for my home). I am not sure why/how it’s still there given that I was able to get approved for a mortgage and car loan since the judgment in 2008. I don’t know who to contact to get it removed since Arrow is out of business and would another company even have records that this was paid?

  109. Amy says

    Hi Michael,

    Arrow Financial Services, sued me on January 28, 2010 for $1,411.00 for a credit card debt with Fifth Third bank, I was in college and had a bank account (which I did overdraw) but never had a credit card. I had no credit and couldn’t get a credit card.

    Having never been served a summons and complaint before, I called the company listed and was told to wait for a court date. That never came, but a default judgment did. I filed a motion to set aside the default judgment and during the hearing could not prove I was served improperly but adamantly disputed the validity of the debt and challenged the Plaintiffs to prove that I did. They could not, so the judge adjourned court and set a date 30 days ahead to allow Arrow Financial to obtain verification of the debt. Upon the second hearing they still had no documents from Fifth Third Bank of a credit card, just some random numbers that matched neither a credit card number (digits were not 16+ long enough nor began with the customary number for Visa’s, Mastercards, etc.) and yet the judge reverted back to the fact that I was served properly and dismissed my case to set aside the default judgment. This took place in Michigan.

    Fast forward to the present, I currently live in Texas, this Judgment has been a blemish on my credit since 2010. I want this removed and as discussed AFS it is out of business. What do I do? How can the Courts collect on behalf of a company that has dissolved or went bankrupt? Is it too late to file a motion for dismissal of the judgment?

    The account has not been placed with any of the above lenders. An atty collection firm out of Novi, MI called Mary Jane Elliott, PC has the AFS account now. How can their office collect on the “debt?” They are not the original Plaintiffs, furthermore, how do I know that they are even legally entitled to collect on the debt.

    • Michael Bovee says

      The court record is what they get to rely on for proof of the debt. Find out who Mary Jane Elliot is working for. Someone bought your Arrow Financial judgment debt. That kind of thing happens, and with companies that are still open for business.

      You are not likely going to get this off your credit report. You would have to do that at the court level. I can refer you to someone with the experience you need to look into it. But be prepared for their being costs, with no guarantees of success.

  110. Paul says

    I have a paid judgement from Arrow Financial that I want to get removed from my credit report. I wish I knew as much about this back when it was happening as I do now! Anyway, now that theyve closed shop, who do I contact about getting it removed? The Credit Bureaus?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Getting Arrow Financial off your credit report is not likely at this point. Disputing with the credit bureaus may mean getting lucky and one or more remove the info, but the public court record is why Arrow shows on your credit. Once the local data miner provides another batch of data, Arrow is back on your credit again.

      What was the date of judgment entry in the court record?

  111. Tammy says

    I have a judgement from Arrow Financial dated 05/2008.
    My ex husband was to assume all debits (credit cards too). Needless to say, he just didn’t pay them. So my past life is following me around…$4073.00.
    I have disputed this and sent the divorce decree to them….nope, they say it doesn’t matter. The debit is mine. Am I correct to think that in May 2015, this judgement will disappear …or am I doomed to pay it?
    Bad thing…the ex jerk used it to buy his crappy hunting supplies that he still has.

    • Michael Bovee says

      The divorce decree did not absolve you with the courts and creditors. You can chase the ex down for this money, but until this is resolved, it will still follow you around.

      Once a judgment falls off a credit report, it does not necessarily stop impeding your ability to get credit, due to the public record still being easily accessed.

      What state do you live in?

  112. Daniel Dalton says


    I bought a camper (RV) from a guy without a title silly me right! I applied for a lost title and found out that ARROW FINANCIAL SERVICES owns the lien. They are closed now and I have contacted LVNV they dont have the loan either. Do you know of anyone else that may have taken over AFS loans?

    • Michael Bovee says

      I would encourage you to call 800-939-8357 and speak with Steve, a CRN specialist. He has had good success tracking down AFS accounts that seemingly disappear.

  113. Meghan says

    Another Arrow Fianacial Issue! My fiancé and I are in the process of applying for a mortgage, we were approved except for 1 issue on his credit report with arrow financial. A debt that he has a judgement for on his credit report, we pulled docket entries from our state website that showed they had attempted to garnish wages but at the time the bank used stated he had no accounts with them. He contacted the bank with which it was issued they said it was closed and gave him the lawyers office with which it originated, they said they couldn’t help because it was a closed account. Our mortgage person the contacted the credit bureau to submit for a supplemental, they in turn sent back a note that stated unsatisfactory. Closing is coming up, without this issue taken care of we will not qualify for the loan. Feels like we are at a dead end or vicious circle! Not sure what direction to go.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Call 800-939-8357 and talk to Steve, a CRN specialist. He has had good success resolving old Arrow issues.

  114. marilyn says

    I was sued by a law firm for money i owed to arrowhead. My wages were garnished. I lost my job. Got a letter in the mail saying the garnishment was quashed. 2 years later and I just got a letter saying a different law firm has taken over this case and they are going to sue me for garnishment. Can this happen? Original debt was incurred in2007.

        • Michael Bovee says

          On the surface you appear to be passed the SOL to sue, but the prior suit may have tolled the SOL (paused the passage of time for SOL purposes), or the last date of payment in their records is not yet 6 years old.

          How much are they trying to collect? What is your goal with this account?

  115. paula says

    I have paid my judgement from Arrow Financial Services and they never filed a release of satisfaction of Judgement with court. I wrote Arrow a certified letter asking them to file a satisfaction of Judgement with my county court. I have never received a response, and the debt has been paid since 2010. What other things can I do?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Call and talk to Steve, a CRN specialist, at 800-939-8357. He has had a good amount of success help people get through tough to solve Arrow Financial issues.

  116. Shane says

    Hey, hope someone can be of help. In December of 2008 I had a judgment placed against me by Arrow Financial Services, LLC. This was for a Bank of America Credit Card I defaulted on. Fast Forward to August of 2014 when I receive a Writ of Garnishment from Eltman Eltman Cooper on behalf of Arrow Financial Services. My questions are: Can EEC legally do this because it is my understanding that Arrow Financial Services no longer exists. I could understand this if EEC bought the bad debt and then tried to get judgment against me, but all the legal documents I have received still list Arrow Financial as plaintiff with EEC as there attorney. Any and all help would be appreciated.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Judgments can be assigned and sold like debts at earlier stages of collection. The judgment in the record will not change from Arrow Financial if your debt was sold.

      You can contest a wage garnishment formally with the court. If the notice you received did not explain the basics for requesting a hearing, call the court clerk tomorrow and ask for the steps you need to take. You will get to the bottom of this through that process, and if the garnishment is valid, you will have an opportunity to show how the amount they are trying to get is too high for your income and expenses. If you meet certain criteria, you could be partially, or even fully, exempt from garnishment.

      How much is the judgment for?

  117. unsureonwhattodo... says

    Hi Mike I also wanted to add that my judgement is for almost 2100.00 my original line of credit was for 1000.00 but i am not sure if i even spent all of that. Do you think 700.00 is a fair amount to settle upon or should i ask for a lower amount, because i dont even make 700.00 every two weeks. I would like it lower but unsure on how to pursue this.

    • Michael Bovee says

      You did a good job getting LVNV to settle for that low. You can certainly try to negotiate and even lower deal, but being realistic, it will not get all that much better than that on judgments.

  118. unsureonwhattodo... says

    Will a judgement be taken off after 180 days or will it stay on your credit forever, even if i do send the release and satisfaction to the credit bureas and the court house?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Paid or settled judgments will generally be removed from your credit reports 7 years after they were first entered in the court record.

  119. Bob says

    Hi Michael I have a debt with arrow and have settled with Kream and kream. Originally when I settled it was out of court before the court date and they told me not to go. A while later I had missed some payments and had to go back to court I then found out after that they were charging me 13% interest because I defaulted on the first court appearance because they told me not to come and they would tell the judge we settled but never informed me of the interest on the debt. I have now paid them over $800 on a debt that was only around $950 and now they want an additional $795! Is there a way to get the interest off and the balance to the original debt?

      • Bob says

        None that I was given at first. Then when I actually went to court I got paper work saying that the there was an agreement where I had to pay the $25 a month nothing about the interest or the amount owed

        • Michael Bovee says

          Pull the judgment docs from the court record and verify the amount in the order, and what the judge capped the interest rate at. Calculate that and make sure the attorney collector did the math right.

          When payments stop to creditors and debt collectors, even in this late collection stage scenario, you can often contact them to negotiate a lower lump sum pay off. There are even instances where the real time value of money will kick in to the thought process of judgment creditors, enabling you to negotiate a lower single payoff while current with a monthly payment agreement.

  120. Nancy says

    I had a debt with Arrow Financial and back in 2008 a judgement was granted for less than $3,000. Now a new group has this debt and they filed a garnishment for $11,000. I just discovered that Arrow never served me any legal paperwork. They sent the paperwork to my mother’s old address and to her sisters. I have lived at the same address for over 20 years and it should have been very easy for anyone to locate me. Is there anything I can do to reduce the amount now owed since I was never informed for the first court hearing? It carries over $8,000 in interest.

        • Michael Bovee says

          Debts that are really old can be difficult to unwind. Some states have precedent for reaching back and vacating judgments as old as yours, but I am not aware of that in Michigan. But that does not mean it is not possible.

          Call in and talk to Steve, a CRN specialist, that has had many successes helping folks with Arrow issues: 866-997-4242

  121. CoachAJ5 says

    Have read alot of good things here. Basically my story is I have a judgement on file with arrow from 2009, and then from Midland funding in 2010. I literally cannot remember what they were for, only that I tried to contact arrow and like everyone else, ran into a wall. Reading past posts here I have realized I will be making a court trip next week to pull the dockets, and get more info. I am in Massachusetts, and am unsure who, if anyone, owns that debt now. And even if they did buy it, don’t I have to receive notice of it? My big issue is I am trying to get a mortgage, and using a VA loan, I guess, or any loan- civil judgements need to be satisfied. If noone bought the debt, can’t I challenge in court that it is even owed anymore? And furthermore, if they bought debt that has exceeded 7 years (6 in Mass I believe) isn’t that debt void? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I can’t believe you respond to so many posts. Thanks so much!!

    • Michael Bovee says

      It is not a requirement that Arrow notify you they are selling the judgment, nor the buyers responsibility to let you know they purchased your debt. That may change with debts changing hands in the future, as that type of notice is one that is being considered by the CFPB in their rule making capacity (not that any development in this regard would help or hinder you).

      Judgment debt in Massachusetts is good for 20 years. You may be looking at the SOL to initiate a collection action in the court being 6 years, but the SOL to collect on an existing judgement is 20.

      How much are the judgment balances?

      • CoachAJ5 says

        One is 2700 and the other 1700. I’m off to pull both dockets tomorrow am. After I may end up contacting LVNV. Thanks for the response!

      • CoachAj5 says

        The one I am having an issue finding is $2700, the other is $1700, or was, and now $2106.90 thanks to our friend interest. The Arrow one which was bought by Lustig Glaser & Wilson I found this am after a clerks visit is for a Washington Mutual Card I had at least ten years ago, and in the initial proceedings had an “on or before date” of April 2008. The judgement was default as I didn’t even know it was on the date it was. Then Sold to a diff lawyer, and eneded up currently being in the hands of Lustig&co. After a judgement is obtained do I have any more rights to request info on the debt? As in proof of debt? I realize so many people end up worsening their problems by default judgments whether or not they actually owed. It just seems with all the trickery and bs the plaintiffs get away with, I would at least like to try and make them prove I even owed WaMu a debt they likely bought for pennies on the dollar. Again, this site is so helpful! Any info is greatly appreciated-

        • Michael Bovee says

          The issue you will likely have to contend with is that all of this took place so long ago. Judgment debts can be challenged, but timelines for challenges of sewer service and the like have limits. I know some consumer law attorneys have had success challenging judgments beyond the plain reading of their states statute (often one year). You can look deeper into the viability of challenging court judgments you knew nothing about by consulting with someone in your state who practices collection defense regularly.

          What city are you in?

          • CoachAJ5 says

            I am in Springfield, Massachusetts. And thakyou again for the response.
            I got copies made of the two judgements which both name Lustig & Co. as the plaintiff, and phoned them today, and they told me they only had one in their computer. So now I am thinking I maybe should consult with an atty as it would seem if they bought the debt from arrow ( I have the guys signature on the default execution 8/11/2009) they likely have it somewhere. And I am reluctant to give them any info that may end up requiring me to pay something that is probably time-barred. I officially have a headache. Thanks so much for this forum and your insight! I am floored at how educational this place is.

            • Michael Bovee says

              Closest attorney I found with the experience you need is in Northampton. I sent you an email with his contact details. Let me know how this progresses for you.

              • Coachaj5 says

                So I spoke with the lawyer you referred and thanks again, he was great. He thinks they have a solid 2 judgements as they didn’t even botch the serving (on paper). Not that I received at least one of them. At any rate, so I called Lustig & Glaser who told me the 2009 judgement was called back to Arrow Financial in Mar of 2010. Now this is referring the Washington mutual card and so I have no idea where to find this judgement. Guess I call Whoever bought Washington mutual? Also, in regards to the other debt they offered me 1750 on the 2150 judgement and I declined. Countered w 50% an they said no, and I terminated the phone call. Could use some info on how to get them to negotiate lower than the original debt before interest. I called homedepot Citibank who confirmed thT it is in the hands of Lustig &Co. but noted I can make payment to them as well. Didn’t seem legit but now all of it is getting deeper. So do I call LVNV to see if they have it? Whoever bought Washington mutual? Dang. This is the worst. Never again in my life will I allow anything near this to happen. What a headache.

                • Michael Bovee says

                  WAMU got absorbed into Chase. But I highly doubt calling Chase will lead to anything on an old Arrow Financial collection issue. I would start trying to narrow who has the account down by calling LVNV/Resurgent Capital.

                  If you are settling these, and your targets are 50%, that is fairly realistic. But that can also depend on how collectable you look to collectors and attorneys. Are you paying other accounts on time that show on your credit reports? Have applied for new credit in the last 6 months?

                  • CoachAj5 says

                    Yes, I have. So they have stood strong at offering me $1700 and some change, which is pretty much what the original debt was, so I am super hesitant to “settle” for that much, especially where ever I read I am seeing 40-60% without trouble. Also, on my second judgement I hit a roadblock. Resurgent says they do not have that judgement, nor LVNV which I guess they manage as well. So now I am kind of at a loss where to go from here. If the company that owned the debt sold it to Lustig in ’09, then recalled it in 2010 and LVNV and Resurgent say they don’t have it who does that leave? Washington Mutual? Because they too, are out of business. So I sort of looked around at who might have bought their debt, and hit a wall. Ugh,

                    • Michael Bovee says

                      Use what you read about others settling as reference point, but try not to get hung up on the settlement results for situations you have little insight into. It really can boil down to collectability scores that are based on collections software. If you look more collectable than someone who is not paying anything on time on their credit report, I would give them a lower deal than you too.

                      That said, try again maybe a week from today when there are a couple days left for someone to meet there monthly collection goals. That kind of collector motivation is not always in play with judgment debts, but it can be.

                      As far as Arrow goes, call in and consult with Steve at 866-997-4242. He is a specialist in the network I have worked with for many years. He has had good success tracking down and resolving old Arrow accounts.

                    • Coachaj5 says

                      So update is like this: believe it or not, chase has the account. I called the. Last because why would they have it? Well, they bought WaMu is why, and on their side the paperwork was rocked because it shows as Chase on the account. Not arrow financial. After a lengthy conversation I ended up faxing them my copy of the judgment and we have a tentative deal for $1008 on the $2900 provided it gets through their hurdles. Calling back tomorrow, after the second week of faxes, and phone calls has passed. So glad I didn’t pay that lawyer (so far, I may have porked myself by faxing them). Figured it is public record anyway, so why slow the process down when the goal is to clear it up. I wanna thank you again for all the help, and guidance. I have learned SO much during this process, and most important being never let it get to this level. Haha. There really is no reason for it. I’ll keep updating as this is far from over I am sensing. The other judgement I haven’t called back on, but will next week sometime before the end of the month like you suggested.

                    • CoachAj5 says

                      So, here we are 90 something days later, and Chase still hasn’t done anything with the debt, as they can’t find it. I have been told by a debt collector the account was recalled by Arrow 26Mar2010, and it has since vanished. LVNV have said they never had it, and don’t, and I can’t seem to get it taken care of until it is found. I called the number (Steve) a few times and have hit a wall. Is there any representatives left for Arrow? How is it possible that noone is made to have accountability for it? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  122. Roger says

    Michael, been reading so much here about Arrow Financial. I too have a judgement against me from Arrow in 07. My problem is, I just received a wage garnishment from the local court, that was brought against me from some lawyers in NY stating that their assignee is Arrow Financial. However the judgement they used is dated from 09, yet no judgements show up on my credit report from 09. I don’t even know what the debt is in relation to. I can understand this if the law firm bought the debt even if I’m not sure where the debt originates from. But is it “Legal” for them to represent a company that no longer exists, even if they bought the debt ? Should not the Assignee be the NEW company that bought the debt ?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Your situation may be the reference to the Arrow Financial judgment in the court record, as that is the matter legally recognized. The fact the account changes hands post judgment is not required to be cleaned up in the court necessarily.

      Who is the law firm collecting?
      Can you confirm the name of the new company?

      • Roger says

        Well Michael, I’m having a hard time understanding how there can be 2 judgements for the same case or so it seems. I went to the court house to get a copy of all judgements against me. The one for Arrow was from 07 but up in the corner of the page the clerk also wrote an addintional judgement number from 09 yet wasn’t able to produce a copy ? The Lawyers in NY are Eltman, Eltman, and Cooper. Googled them and found that they have had many, many, cases that were tossed out of court for unethical practices and not being able to produce the original debt. On the court papers it states that the Attorneys are just that, Attorneys for Plaintiff/Plaintiffs Assignee. and list Arrow as the Plaintiff. It doesn’t say that there are new owners for the debt or who presently owns the debt. Answer me this, if civil judgements are public record, what stops an attorney from filing papers stating that they represent a plaintiff ? Should I write the Lawyers and demand proof of debt and try to get the judgement vacated if they cannot produce the proof of debt?

        • Michael Bovee says

          I would recommend running all of what is going on with this judgment, Arrow, and the Eltman and Cooper law firm, by an experienced debt collection defense attorney. Most attorneys with a practice focused in this area will offer a no cost initial consult. And this will help you get your bearings for what action step to take.

          Post the name of a large city near you if you want some help locating some experienced attorneys to talk to.

  123. nicole b says

    Hi Michael,

    I have a judgment from 2008 showing in the public records section of my credit report with the plaintiff: AGD Financial Services. I too, am trying to get a mortgage and cannot while this shows as unsatisfied. When I couldn’t find any information on AGD Fin. online, I called the law offices that represented them. They told me that AGD was now Arrow Financial Services and I would need to contact them. A quick search showed the Arrow was no longer in business, and then I found this page (thankfully!). I contacted the number above and spoke with someone at Resurgent who could not find an existing account under my name, address or social. The representative told me I should contact the court, which I did and the clerk told me that she didn’t know what I should do, except talk to a lawyer. I have already spoken with who told me they couldn’t help – they only help with inaccuracies on credit reports. So….any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!

    • Michael Bovee says

      Steve, a CRN specialist, has had good success in resolving some of the Arrow files that are… anomalies so to speak. Give him a call at 866-997-4242.

  124. deanna says

    I have a question and need help. I have a judgment against me from Arrow financial services. They have been trying to collect on a hsbc credit card since 2009. the judgement says arrow financial svcs vs deanna [edited] but the attorneys that filed the judgement are bowman vivacian and something else. It says the plaintiff is arrow financial svcs vs deanna [edited] not bowman vivacian. I live in Indiana the attorney they sent it to is about 20 mins from my house. I want to know what I can do about this because I have not received any other information that someone else bought it and I have a supplement hearing on 11/25/2014 at 8:45 in the morning. I want to dispute this because my credit report is showing the debt charged off and a 0 balance for this hsbc account which was back in 2008. It says consumer closed account. Any help would be great. Thank u

    • Michael Bovee says

      When a creditor sells a debt to a debt buyer, like Arrow Financial, the charged off credit card will stay on your credit reports for up to 7.5 years from the date you last made your on time payments to HSBC. And the zero balance HSBC is showing is how it should report. They sold the legal right to the debt and are now owed nothing.

      Debt buyers do not have to inform you when they sell your debt.

      When you were sued many years ago, were you aware that was happening? That, and other angles, may be worth digging in and fight back.

      How much is owed on the judgment?

      • deanna says

        It’s about 1600.00 may be more because nothings been paid on it. Interest and late fees racked up plus court costs. Yes I was aware of it I went to court but couldn’t pay anything because I didn’t have a job lost my job in 2008 that was why I stopped paying it. I still don’t have a job today and I have this hearing tomorrow for them to try and get money from me. I consulted an attorney he told me there was nothing they can do to me if I don’t have a job. But how long can they keep coming after me? I would think they would give up being I can’t pay it. I was going to settle with them for 1300.00 because my husband was going to pay the settlement but he lost his job 3 weeks ago and I still have to go to this supplement proceeding. Now our main goal is to make sure we don’t lose our house. Just wondering how I can get rid of this. I can’t afford bankruptcy now so I don’t know. Thanks for your help.

        • Michael Bovee says

          It is what it is until your situation turns around.

          Be sure to show up to all scheduled court proceedings at this point.

          Is the judgment against just you?
          Do you have joint bank accounts with your husband?

          It would cost as much, or even more, to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, than it would to settle the debt for less than what is owed. Not worth it unless you have other debts to include in chapter 7.

  125. Michelle says

    Hello, I had a judgement placed against me in 2008. Arrow financial services llc is listed as the plaintiff as assignee for Washington Mutual Bank with Mann & Bracken as the collection agency/attorney. All of which have closed up shop. I had payment plans a years back with mann and bracken and those stopped and I’ve never heard from anyone ever again. How do I find out where my debt has gone and how I would start to pay this again??

    • Michael Bovee says

      Did you try calling Resurgent Capital / LVNV Funding to see if your account was one they purchased? I would start there. The number is up top in the original article.

  126. keith waterman says

    Hi. My father has a judgement from Arrow Financial in 2008 (originally Bank of America) against his house. They passed it to Forster and Garber, but now they are not acting for Arrow. I checked with LV and they do not have debt. I want to sell he house, but do not know who I need to clear the debt with.

    Can you advise?


  127. Joanne says

    Hi, I am looking to pay off a judgment that was placed against me in 2009 by Arrow. It’s legitimate, I just need to know who to pay so I can get my credit cleared. The attorney that had the case said that I have to contact Arrow, but they’re out of business.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Did you call the number for LVNV that I provide in the article above? If not, that is the first place I would check to see if your debt was part of their purchase. Let me know what you find out and lets go from there.

  128. Brian says

    Hi there, I recently was told of a judgment against me during the closing of escrow from Arrow Financial. My credit report shows nothing? Do you think i should call LVNV or is there another way to get this judgment removed?The case was from 12/2008. Thank you

    • Michael Bovee says

      How much of a hurry are you in? What is the balance owed?

      I generally suggest starting with locating the judgment owner, so calling LVNV first would establish that, or eliminate them.

      Post an update and lets go from there.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Not sure where you will find that. You might look at the original corporate filing and see that it has not been renewed these last several years, if there is no formal dissolution filed.

  129. Karla Gutierrez says

    Hello Michael, I work for an escrow company and am currently processing a refinance for a client. There is a judgment recorded on the property for which Arrow Financial is the named creditor. We have tried calling the attorneys who are on the abstract, however, they are now out of business as well. We then called LVNV and they are not handling this account. We cannot find the financial institution handling this case. By any chance do you know where else the Arrow Financial accounts have been transferred to?

    • Michael Bovee says

      One of the counselors in the network has had great success in tracking these down for people. Call Steve at 866-997-4242 and see if he can help you.

  130. Jessica says

    Hi Michael, my husband and I just tried to apply for a mortgage loan, we then found out my husband has a “Judgment” from Arrow Financial Services from 06/2009. We tried calling but found out they were no longer open, we were then transferred to LVNV & were told they do not have his case. We are in Cook, IL. and are in desperate help on how to get this settled. Any advice would be truly appreciated!

    • Michael Bovee says

      Call Steve, a counselor in the network who has had great success in these situations with Arrow, and talk everything over – 866-997-4242.

  131. Loretta says

    I am seeking an address to send a Bankruptcy case filing Notice to and wanted to know how do I know which debt was bought by which company? I want them to get Notice or it will not be discharged or paid. Please help. Thank you,

    • Michael Bovee says

      I would start by contacting LVNV Funding (number in post above).

      Are there Arrow Financial Services judgments?

  132. octavio sandoval says

    I work for a mortgage servicer in the loss mitigation department. we have a borrower approved for a deed in lieu of foreclosure. The borrower has a lein from Arrow from 2007. That debt was discharged in a BK chapter 7 a year later so collection can’t be pursued but the lien remains on the property. I was trying to reach them to offer them money to have the lien released. Since they cannot collect on it, its unlikely that the debt was sold. I will try LVNV. Any insight you can provide will be appreciated.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Call Steve at 866-997-4242. He is a counselor I refer to often for Arrow Financial judgment and lien issues. He has good success tracking down resolving many issues like this.

  133. Annette says

    Hello. I have been reading this with interest. My employer called me this morning to tell me LVNV was garnishing my income beginning in two weeks, for a settlement through our local courts way back in 2007.
    Q#1. Why was I not SERVED to appear in court. (And No, I really was NOT served).
    Q#2. How can I get all the way back to the ROOT of the matter. I want to know who the ORIGINAL deb is owed to. I realize it really does not matter now since LVNV has the debt.
    Q#3. They are seriously allowed to disable my income and take more than half?

    • Michael Bovee says

      1. You could be a victim of what is sometimes referred to as “sewer service”.

      2. Look up the court record and determine if the account was yours, as the original lender should be outlined in the complaint.

      3. No state I know of allows a 50 percent garnishment. Your states laws will speak to how much can be garnished, and there are also hardship scenarios that you may qualify for. What state are you in?

        • Michael Bovee says

          Did you look up the court record to see who the original credit was and make sure it was a debt you recognized?
          When looking that up in the court record, also look for the address the process server says he/she went to to serve you. Is that an address you ever lived at? Is it an address you lived at the time of service listed?

  134. Kara says

    I had an old judgement as well through arrow financial. I called LNLV and they did have my judgment and put me in touch with the lawyers who could accept payment (1/3 of the balance for me) and get this taken care of.

  135. carlene says

    I have a weird situation. I have an old credit card from Washington Mutual that was not paid.. I received a judgment from Arrow Financial as ssignee for Washington Mutual Bank with attorney listed as Erica L. Brachfeld (The Brachfeld Law Group) for $2800. I did not know about this until pulling my credit report this month (May 2015). I want to buy a home and can not get financing with this judgment on there.
    The problem is Arrow is closed and so is the law firm. Who do i contact abou this?

    • carlene says

      After calling around to everybody i could i located my account at Glass Mountain Capital LLC – they contract through LVNV Funding LLC which bought the debt from Arrow…. wow long process but i found it

      • Michael Bovee says

        Whoops! I responded to your earlier comment before seeing this one. Is your goal to settle the judgment debt for less? How did your conversation go?

    • Michael Bovee says

      Have you checked to see if LVNV purchased your judgment debt? The number to call them and check is in the original article above. If LVNV does not have it, post an update and lest go from there.

  136. Mary says

    Hi, I just find out that there is a judgment on my property title for a debt that is been collected by arrow financial services, but this debt was included on bankruptcy three years ago.
    Can you give me some advice on how to proceed to remove the judgment?

  137. Pained in PA says

    Apparently, in 10/ 2010 my then husband signed for a notice to appear for a debt in arbitration for Attorney Weinberg, Frederic Ivan representing Arrow Financial Service for breach of contract. We were separated at the time and are now officially divorced since 2013. I was never informed nor received the notice and a judgment was entered in 12/2010. May 27 a pracipe-writ of execution issued to both and YESTERDAY my bank account was frozen. I have no idea what this debt is or where it originated from. I received this information from the Chester County website. Today I filed a the following: A Rule of Show, Precipe of Determination, Petition for Emergency Special Relief with the attempt to get my account unfroze. This evening I also received a letter from my bank’s attorney indicating the situation and to notify me that they would be charging me $500. Total amount of judgment is $5006. Did I do the right thing? What can I expect from here?

    • Michael Bovee says

      It may prove to be the right thing to have done. You do not know the debt and were never afforded an opportunity to defend it if it is yours. I would run your scenario by an experienced debt defense attorney in PA. Are you more eastern or western PA? Let me know and I can email you contact info to a good attorney.

  138. N Patters says

    I hope you can help me… I worked for Arrow in 2003. I just got hit by a garnishment from the CA FTB for not filing taxes in 2003. My CPA thinks if I can file a return now I won’t owe anything. Is there anyway to get a W2 from Arrow? Or do you think all of there records are gone. BTW I ws a low performing collector because I refused to use the business practices of the top producers. I’m sorry I ever worked there. I left before 2004.

    • Michael Bovee says

      I do not know how you would go about getting a w-2 from Arrow Financial this long after they closed.

  139. Garnished says

    Hi, I came across this post when doing research for my own case. We’re in the middle of a mess on which I would love some insight. I’ll try to limit it to bullet points for reader ease.

    Friday afternoon- 7/17/15: I logged in to my online bank and noticed that four of my accounts were frozen with their balances on “hold”. A phone call to my bank revealed that Arrow Financial Services, LLC. via Machol & Johannes, LLC (attorneys) had submitted a Writ of Garnishment for any bank account with my husband’s name attached to it. I called our credit counselor who advised us to fill out a “Head of Household” document to claim the appropriate exemptions and protect some of our frozen money. When we completed that task, the court employee told us that there was no garnishment filed against us in our local county (Missouri). She did some research and tracked it to a court in Colorado. We called that court and were directed to forms to obtain copies of the Writs and Notices filed against my husband from 1/2014 to 6/2015. All of these were “served” to a false address in Colorado. We’ve never lived in nor held a mailing address in Colorado. The documents include “Foreign Judgment”, “Notice of Foreign Judgment”, “Amended Notice of Foreign Judgment”, and three separate “Writ of Notice of Garnishment and Pending Levy” Some of these documents don’t have the correct “defendant” name. It’s not even close. They do, however, have the same case number. I can’t clarify because it’s beyond comprehension to me right now. I have people from the court looking in to who let that error get filed.

    Monday- 7/20/15: We sent (Certified/Return Receipt Requested) A “Notice of Exemptions” and a “Motion to Stop Garnishment” (included bank statements to show that money didn’t come from my husband (the defendant), but came from me, and even my teenage daughter (He’s on it, so they froze her account, too) to the Colorado court and sent copies to Machol & Johannes, LLC.

    Thursday- 7/23/2015: the balances of all accounts, With the exception of my daughter’s account, were consolidated and a check was drafted. The attorney for my bank told us, via phone, that they hold the funds until everything is cleared and garnishment is upheld. My accounts are empty, but thawed out for us to use again. However, I am scared to use them. I am scared to put money in them again. I don’t understand how a collections attorney can get so much wrong and still take money. They still have “Arrow Financial Services, LLC” on all of the court documents. They are dated as late as 6/24/2015.

    Any insight or helpful information would be appreciated.



    • Michael Bovee says

      Give me a call to go over everything in a bit more detail. I am going to likely refer you to some experienced counsel in Colorado, but want to be certain of some of the issues before I do that.

      I can be reached at 800-939-8357, choose option 2. If you get voicemail be sure to leave a message so I know to return the call.

  140. J Bowers says

    I am closing on my house in a week. and just got a disturbing call from my title company. Apparently there are two liens against my title. My problem is they are not my debts but my ex-husbands, which he incurred after our divorce, and after another marriage. We divorced in ’02 and these are from 2009, seven years later. One of my problems is that while my address is not listed, I found out in 2011 that my divorce lawyer had never filed the quit claim deed for me at the time of my divorce when I received full rights to the home. I was able to get my ex to sign a warranty deed and filed it immediately. So as you can see these judgments fell in between these dates, which makes this even trickier.

    I next attempted to contact these two companies, Arrow Financial Services LLC and Advantage Assets Inc. ii. My attempts were futile as both have since gone out of business.

    I am now at a complete loss as where to go from here. I close on my house in 6 days and the money from the sale is being used to purchase my new home, which has already been approved. I feel hopeless… These are not my debts, I could lose everything.

    • Michael Bovee says

      Have you contacted the company I reference in the original post above? Try reaching LVNV to find out if the accounts at issue were purchased by them. If you are still in limbo after that call let me know.

  141. Durka says


    So I have a bit of an issue. When I turned 18 and graduated from high school, I went off to college for a couple quarters and my father immediately began fraudulently using my name to obtain and wrack up debt on about a dozen different cards. To make matters worse, after I got tired of college, I went back and was outright oblivious for a couple years.

    One of these was used by Arrow Financial to get a judgement out against me (of which I was never informed of). I never got mail or received any notice likely because he intercepted them. Many years later, I got away from him and learned of the debt that he collected under my name and I am slowly dealing with it. So far I have had several creditors realize that it was fraud and remove the charges(while others have died out due to the statute of limitations), but this is one of the final pieces that I have been unable to deal with.

    If they are out of business, where did my judgement go, where can I find this out? Is there any way to report this as fraud and have the judgement lifted without a long and expensive process? or will negotiating with the debt holder be the only way to get out of this without paying the full amount(4500$)?

    At one point, it will drop off my credit report.. but I don’t have to have them come at me some day and demand that I pay for a judgement that shouldn’t belong to me.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

    • Michael Bovee says

      Call the number to LVNV that I provided in the original article above. Post an update if they do not have it.

      You will still want to resolve this issue one way or another after the Arrow Financial judgment is dropped from your credit reports. It can still be collected on through wage garnishment and bank levy. It is also something that will be discovered in many financing transactions and could still hold you back from getting a home loan.

      Did you ever file an identity theft report?

      • Durka says

        Well, the issue with that is that its my father and my family is sort of mixed on the issue until my 90year old grandmother passes. She is naive enough to believe that “at least its not murder” … which is great and all, except that it ruins my soon-to-be career.

        We have had the creditors review the charges and have personally done so as well. Most of them were from alcohol when I was 18, car insurance for a car when I never had a drivers license, plane tickets to places I never went to.

        If that is the only way of dealing with it, I am about ready to go ahead and file a police report. It is just a delicate family topic.

        So you say that we should negotiate for a portion of it rather than hire a lawyer to fight it? how much do you think they would negotiate for?

        • Michael Bovee says

          I cannot say whether you should look to negotiate a lower payoff or attempt to unwind the whole thing through the court. I would probably want to get the judgment out of the court record if possible and affordable. If the attorney assistance I need is more expensive than the cost of settling it would give me pause.

          How much is the judgment for, and what was the date of entry?

          • Durka says

            Well, the judgement is for about $4500 .. but assuming they are going to tack on interest, it could be quite a bit more. It was ‘judged’ in Sept. 2010. So likely it won’t come off my credit report for another 2 years(I believe my credit score said one and a half)

            And even if it did come off sooner, I would still have to worry about them trying to garnish me, correct?

            It sounds like I just need to go ahead with the police report, file with the ftc and hire an attorney down where it happened to take care of it. Which sounds like it will cost a pretty penny. If I skip the lawyer bit, it will cost me a good $250 round trip to go down there and it might be several trips overall.

            Either that or request information from LVNV and attempt to settle it with them.

            Is there really no government identity or process that can recognize that its identity theft and dismiss the judgement without a costly process?

            • Michael Bovee says

              Yes, just because the judgment is no longer on a credit report does not mean they cannot collect on it through the extra ordinary means provided with a judgment.

              There is no government agency to help you with this that I know of other than the courts. That is where the issue is,and the courts have to be part of any unwind, or even something as simple as receiving and filing the notice of satisfaction if you locate the account and settle it.

              Let me know if you need a referral to an attorney with the experience you need in the area of the court at issue.

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