The Karma of Giving

For readers of this blog who may be interested to know some brief history of debt bytes, here is a quick tidbit:

When Consumer Recovery Network launched in 2006, we started a newsletter called “Debt Bytes”. The newsletter was to be a monthly email to its subscribers. It wasn’t. I published very few newsletters for the fact that its subscribers were, for the most part, already CRN members who had unlimited access to a CRN specialist. If you didn’t know, our specialists deliver far more content than a newsletter.

This past May, I received a phone call from a friend who happens to report on consumer issues daily. Unbeknownst to me, he owned the domain. He was calling to see if I had an interest in the domain name as it was expiring soon and he had no intention to renew it.

Well, I obviously jumped at the opportunity! Shortly after the domain transfer, Debt Bytes by CRN was born.

Guess what my friend said in response to my asking what I could pay him for the gesture?

Nothing. As in Free!

I coaxed him a bit and he suggested I go to and identify a student based project that I would like to donate to. I had never heard of DonorsChoose. It is a fantastic concept for assisting class rooms and the children in them across the nation.

Because I identified so much with music in my youth and specifically guitar playing, I donated to a classroom in need of additional guitars in my friend’s name.

Here is an excerpt from the email I received from Donors Choose today:

Consumer Recovery Network,

Mrs. Psomas sent Mr. Rhode photos and a thank-you letter

This teacher, whom you helped on Jun 24, now wants you to see the impact you made by supporting Groovy Guitars Take Note: Guitars Needed To Take Flight :

“Dear Mr. Rhode, I am so excited that our middle school music classes now have additional guitars to use in our… “

After you see the photos and read the letter, we hope you’ll reply to Mrs. Psomas!

Steve Rhode runs which is a site dedicated to consumer issues. I regularly read his site for the recent goings on by the many people and companies out to make a quick buck by capitalizing on the woes of the already struggling consumer. On a daily basis, since I have known Steve, he provides well qualified and absolutely free advice and feedback to consumers looking for answers and methods to manage their debt burden.

Steve gets flaming comment hits from time to time on his site. The comments I have seen are probably from people anonymously attacking him due to something he may have exposed as a bad practice or straight up rip off.

So to you anonymous flamers over at getoutofdebt:

Steve Rhode scammed me by giving me free stuff and asking to not be paid and instead requested I consider donating to children in the pursuit and enjoyment of music appreciation and education!

Man…. The nerve of that guy!

Thanks Steve! I shall throw down a few blues riffs on my acoustic in your honor tonight!

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