Debt Relief Program Reviews

Many people we work with write in to express their gratitude for the assistance we provided in helping them get out of debt through our debt relief program. We decided to create a way for people to share their experiences with others by posting their review to the site.

In 2012 we started a publishing project to share informative and tutorial based debt relief education. A great deal of the debt relief program publishing is focused on helping you understand your options to manage debt, especially when you are looking for outside help. Because settling credit card debt is the most flexible option, while being the least understood, the larger portion of the debt relief program education is dedicated to debt settlement.

Share your story, feedback, or review as a CRN member, or as debt relief program reader.

There are no rules for posting. You may want to follow an outline of what brought you to CRN, how we compared to other options, websites, or companies you looked into. It would be great for others who may read your comment to know what you were/are dealing with, and what the ultimate result of working with CRN, or learning with us, has been.

Or, just have fun and express yourself!

Not everyone we consult with qualifies to follow our more aggressive approach to dealing with debt. Many of you we consult with still appreciate the time we take to inform you of what debt settlement really involves after having contacted other service providers, or having visited websites light on the details.

Even those looking for one on one assistance and guidance from CRN may not be recommended for membership. Our consults are often a refreshing dose of blunt honesty for people just looking for information and answers they can trust. You are invited to share too!

Tell you what…. If you having anything to share about CRN, or the debt relief program…. chime in! We look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. You can identify yourself using your initials or first name only, unless you are comfortable sharing your identity, like Jonathan Grossman, who blogs about his debt relief program experience working with CRN at:

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