Looking for debt advice and to avoid bankruptcy if possible

Widest email, house being foreclosed on first hearing 2/28 going to ask for post ponment on that c suit onollection attorney letter threaning returnmotorcycle other bills we've stop paying on due to lose of jobs due to down sizing just making utility is a struggle want service can you provide and fees need someone to handle these as alter ntive are suggeston thank joey/ luci

what do you offer and time frame fee expected results

—joey s

With a pending foreclosure, a collection lawsuit, a vehicle repossession and additional unpaid billsYou have a lot going on! The best debt advice I can give is to speak with a bankruptcy attorney local to you.

There are strategies you can use to prolong collections in order to raise cash to settle debts and other alternatives that could help you to avoid filing bankruptcy. But, when you say it is a struggle to make basic utility bill payments, raising the cash needed to resolve your issues may not be an option.

Bankruptcy could help delay the foreclosure and would stop collection actions on other debts. Chapter 7bankrutpcy, where your debts are discharged, would provide the relief you need and a fresh start.

More direct to your questions about our brand of debt advice:

How long it would take to navigate your issues by becoming a CRN member would be determined by where you live, who you owe, how much debt you have to deal with, how long it has been since you paid, how much money you have to work with right now and also what amount of money you can raise over time.

The results of our efforts in working together will also vary based on the above items. We can certainly provide you an estimate, but would need to know more details before doing so.

All things considered, CRN’s debt relief program fees are the lowest in our industry.

You start with a $149.00 basic education membership that is specifically designed to help you make informed decisions that are right for you and your financial future. You will work with a debt specialist in order to come up with a workable strategy to avoid bankruptcy (if indeed an alternative makes sense). If we can assist you with implementing a plan there will generally be supplemental education and information you will need that is specific and unique to you. If you would like to continue working with us we do charge $50.00 a month. If you ultimately need or request direct negotiation services in order to settle debts, we have network partners that will provide that to you at 15% of what ever they save you.

We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee on your first months membership, so you risk nothing by becoming a member. You will learn a great deal and be better prepared to move forward with the right solution for you. Having said that, the little information you provided suggests good debt advice should include you speaking with a bankruptcy attorney first. Most offer an initial consult at no cost. If you learn something that makes you pause in proceeding with bankruptcy, please consider joining CRN. Go here to learn more about how to enroll: CRN Membership

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Michael started CRN in 2004 with a mission to provide detailed debt and credit help and advice that encourages and allows people struggling with debt to solve their debt problems just like a pro - but without the high fees.

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