Tried to nogotiate a settlement but collection agency would not agree What do you do next

Received a summons for a credit card debt by a third party.

Tried to nogotiate a price but collection agency would not agree. What do you do next.


Hi April,

If you could reply to the following questions in the comment section below, I would be better equipped to give you feedback and perhaps some next steps to consider:

Who was the original creditor that issued you the credit card?

When did you last make a payment on the account?

What state do you live in?

Who is the debt collector/debt buyer suing you and what is the name of the attorney/law firm they hired?

What amount of money are you being sued for?

What was the date you were served the summons?

If settlement was an option what amount of money could you access in order to fund one?

If a payment plan was an option what would you be able to confidently commit to on a monthly basis?

Have you discussed your situation with an attorney?

I look forward to your responses and the ability to follow up on them once received.


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