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Having worked in the debt and credit relief industry for as long as I have has helped me to form relationships with other like minded professionals. It is because of those relationships, that after shutting down CRN’s debt relief coaching and professional debt negotiation services, I get to continue working with cool people, while continuing to help folks with debt and credit struggles get informed, and not just here on the CRN site.

There are some truly awesome people out there making the world a better place for consumers. Few are dedicated to publishing educational tools and helpful debt guides like Steve Rhode on his site, or that I do here on mine.

I have been an active contributor at the Get Out Of Debt site since I met Steve through a mutual industry friend. And starting November 2014, I will begin actively managing the debt relief hotline published there.

Like minded debt and credit professionals can contact me.

If you are involved in the debt relief services industry, and have an interest in the debt relief hotline published here, or on the GOOD site (get it… the initials for GetOutOfDebt…), fill out the contact box you see below. Be sure to include any pertinent details about your interest in the hotline.

Couple of things before you contact me:

  • I am critical of most things debt relief services.
  • I am beyond committed to, and probably commit-table, regarding my passion for providing detailed education and information to people with debt and credit problems.
  • I realized after some time, and even frustration, that most people want to hire someone, or buy a product, to resolve their problems. Not everyone’s a DIY debt relief-er.
  • People generally need, and benefit from,  getting individually informed and educated about how to solve debt and credit issues.

All of the companies involved in the debt relief hotlines, where I play a part, are involved in helping people through debt and credit triage situations. Legitimate companies and professionals helping the debt trodden will generally be credit counseling agencies, bankruptcy attorneys, and debt negotiation experts. Why?

Callers are looking for help to manage bills they can no longer continue to pay, or have stopped paying, according to the original terms.

I have long preferred people use a process of elimination for what type of help they need, and the path they will choose, to deal with overwhelming debt. While over simplified that process looks like….

Understand your monthly income and expenses to determine the debt help you need.

  • Can you afford your bills with some not so overly painful adjustments?
  • Can you afford a credit counselors debt management plan to get out of unsecured debts, and is your income stable enough to support that approach?
  • Can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy in your state, and without that decision leading to the sale of nonexempt items that could be sold without bankruptcy, and using those resources to resolve debts?
  • Can you negotiate and settle your debts inside a shorter window of time than a chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan?

That process of elimination is why many callers to the debt relief hotline will start at the top of this decision tree.

Get Involved.

The backbone technology and connectivity platform for the hotlines can vary. Costs to participants are affordable, and implementation simple.

If you are interested in participating in any of the projects I work on to help consumers, be sure what you do fits within the basic framework outlined above.

I am committed to helping build a better financial future for consumers, and the companies who work with them. And I look forward to connecting with more like minded debt and credit professionals.

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CRN ceased offering our paid membership program in June of 2013. We wanted to keep our focus on the educational mission we started CRN with back in 2004, and chose to continue those efforts through publishing. We considered charging nominal fees through a pay wall for access to all of our self help guides, and ongoing specialized feedback, but ultimately opted not to charge any fees for access. But we still needed a viable way to fund our educational efforts.  We chose to seek out sponsors.

Why sponsors work with CRN?

CRN has a unique history in the debt relief markets. We never fit in with the majority of our peers in the debt settlement side of the industry. And our efforts, that begin and end with consumer education and awareness, have been more akin to that of a nonprofit counseling agency, but we have never been structured as a nonprofit.

Regardless of our unique perspective on the debt relief markets, and how we have, or have not fit in the last 10 years, this site is recognized for its helpful and informative content. There are companies and individuals who recognize the efforts and commitment CRN has brought to the table to assist consumers searching for debt help.

Sponsors of this site care about what we care about: Helping to educate and inform people struggling with debt and credit issues.

Who sponsors our education guides?

Anyone interested in sponsoring the site can contact me (Michael Bovee) at [email protected]

Current debt relief services sponsors are:

Since 1958, Money Management International (MMI) has helped millions of people take the steps necessary to repay their debts, reestablish their credit, and manage their finances wisely. Through community education programs, counseling services, and online resources, MMI is dedicated to providing consumers and clients with valuable information on money management and how to use credit wisely. They are the largest nonprofit, full-service credit counseling organization in the nation with branch offices throughout the country.

Readers of this site are encouraged to reach out and speak with a credit counseling agency like MMI when they need help with establishing a budget, negotiating with creditors, avoiding home foreclosure, or repaying student loans.

You can talk with an MMI certified counselor at: 877-721-9723




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