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The term Debt Relief encompasses so much territory, it’s necessary to break it down into bite-size pieces. In it’s simplest form, “debt relief” means to get out of debt and, for most, it means a new lease on life. People like me exist in this world to help those in debt because, unfortunately, it is not always an easy path to become debt free. It requires dedication, understanding, diligence, and sometimes even bravery.

I have been in the debt and credit industry for over 20 years and I consider myself to be obsessed with the subject matter, therefore, I have lots of helpful information to share with folks. You can find me in publications like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today,, Huffington Post, and Mashable, to name a few.

Many topics are covered here in my answers to people’s debt questions, comments, and blog posts – so much so, that I’ve been forced to get organized.

Here are some of our most popular categories on the Consumer Recovery Network Blog:

menu-settle3          How to Handle Debt Collectors and Collection Practices

Credit Reports and Credit Scores          Debt Consolidation

More Information on Bankruptcy          How to make money, save money, and manage your money.

The right information will help you get where you’re going.

If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, be sure to use the search box near the top of the site for help. Searching for the name of the debt collection agency or bank you are dealing with, as an example, will save you a ton of time.

If you cannot find where I have covered something related to your situation, you can do me a huge favor and submit your debt and credit questions to me so that I can publish a new page that will help you and others. Just click on “Ask Michael” at the top of any page and follow the instructions.

If you would like my help resolving a debt problem, just pick up the phone and reach me at 800-939-8357, and press option 2. You can also get my feedback right here on the site by posting in the comment box at the bottom of virtually every page.

Cheers! – Michael Bovee

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