Debt Settlement Helps You Pay Off Credit Cards Quickly and Affordably

Debt settlement is not a complicated process to explain. Nor is settling debts, like unpaid credit cards, a difficult process to implement. The whole concept behind paying less than what you owe on an old bill is, in fact, highly predictable for the majority of people.

When a debt goes unpaid for an extended period of time, getting some amount of money begins to look better than no money at all. Negotiating an agreement to settle for a percentage of what is owed as payment in full (even though you did not pay in full) happens in the normal course of debt collection every day.

If you are looking at debt settlement as a debt solution, it is likely because you cannot fully afford the debts you have, but can afford something, and would prefer to manage your debts outside of a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Considering debt settlement as the right debt relief tool for you?

Making good decisions as you manage your way through a tough financial situation is critical to getting out of debt. There are other alternatives to settling the debts you are struggling with. Some of your other options to manage your debt are affordable and straight forward. There are pros and cons to each of your realistic debt relief options.

Settling debts happens only when you are behind with payments. Falling behind with payments on credit cards and other bills will lead to your accounts being placed with collections and a lower credit rating. This unfortunate reality is the trade off that occurs when selecting debt settlement as opposed to credit counseling or bankruptcy to deal with problem debt. This site can help you understand when credit counseling or bankruptcy may be a better fit for you.

Are you ready to resolve your credit card debt right now?

Getting the best savings and deals with settlement means knowing who you are dealing with and at what stage of the collection cycle you are in. Some of your debts may be ready to be settled today, while other debts may be better negotiated months from today.

Dealing with your bank and settling with them directly is best handled one way, while debt settlement with debt collectors, debt buyers, and collection attorneys are handled a bit differently.

If you have accounts that are more than 4 months behind in payment and have cash equal to 1/3 to ½ of the balance owed, you may be able to get started with negotiation and settlements right away.

If you don’t have the money to settle your debts now, are you willing to commit to a savings plan over a period of time in order to pay off credit card and other settlements one by one?

Negotiating your debt requires a plan:

Watch this video I recorded for our You Tube channel where I briefly describe the simplicity of debt settlement, and why creating a strategy to knock down all of your credit card collection accounts all at once, or over a period of time, is simple to do.


Use our free debt relief and credit guides to help you put a strategy together that allows you to settle debts quickly, or over a period of time, that maximizes your savings, and prioritizes your debts in the best possible way in order to limit or avoid the risks that come with not paying your bills.

Are you the do-it-yourself type? CRN is well known for assisting people with getting the settlements needed on their own. We publish a ton of DIY debt settlement tutorials for free right on this site. You also have the option to work one on one with a CRN expert so you can settle debts on your own with confidence.

If you need help negotiating and settling debt call 800-939-8357 and speak with a specialist for free. Get an estimate of what it will take to get your debts settled so you can move forward with your life with your debts behind you. You can also fill in the quick contact form in the right hand column and submit it. A specialist will contact you.

Thousands of web sites advertise how they can help settle debts with creditors and debt collectors. Thousands more offer some form of debt consolidation, or other debt relief tool suggested as a bankruptcy alternative. There are really only a few hundred companies providing professional help for debt settlement and credit counseling services. Virtually all of them only speak to how they will help you if you sign up for their service.

CRN has a different message to share. We want to help you help yourself!

Our goal is to assist you with making good debt relief decisions based on your unique set of circumstances. Rather than “canned” and “one size fits all” solutions found throughout the market place for debt settlement and other bankruptcy alternatives:

Our approach allows our members to be flexible and creative during their debt relief journey.

When you utilize our debt relief system – you get empowered to be part of your own financial success.

Debt settlement, credit counseling services, and bankruptcy – all 3 are legitimate debt relief options. Which one is right for you?

  • Bankruptcy is based on the principle of “What cannot be paid won’t be paid”.
  • Consumer Credit Counseling is based on the principle of “What can be paid should be paid”.
  • Debt Settlement is based on the principle of “Paying something is better than nothing”.

Historically, the affordable products and services available to you from CRN have been proven and effective. You can read some of what our members have shared here: Customer Stories. We look forward to answering your debt and credit questions, while helping you resolve your debts.

Debt Happens! Getting out of debt happens too!


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